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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Reacts To Backlash After Admitting On Hitting Her Husband Sean Burke A ‘Couple Of Times’ Amid Sobriety Battle — Sean Comes To Her Defense!

Braunwyn Windham-Burke took to her Instagram Stories to react to the backlash she got after confessing during the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County that she has physically abused her husband Sean Burke on more than one occasion.

In the clip, the mother-of-seven admitted that she’s been crying over the comments she has received after revealing that she has hit her husband amid her sobriety battle.

“I probably shouldn’t do this but I shouldn’t do a lot that I put out there so I’m going to anyways,” Braunwyn began in a series of videos she shared on December 10, according to Reality Blurb.

“I’ve been crying all morning because the comments were so much worse than I anticipated,” she explained. “Getting sober was hard for me.” 

“At three days sober in Aspen, I was trying to drink and Sean stopped me and I lashed out and it was ugly. And then another time during quarantine, I was sitting there with a bottle of wine and Sean was trying to stop me and once again, I lashed out,” Braunwyn recalled.

She continued, “I’m trying to tell the sobriety story as honestly as I can, that it’s not been easy, that I have had moments where I was very close to relapsing and to see how hard you guys…Keep in mind I’m still only 60 days sober when we’re watching the show.” 

She added, “It was hard for me and I’m sorry if you guys don’t like that it’s hard for me but it was and my behavior was atrocious” 

Following Braunwyn’s post via her Instagram Stories, her husband Sean came to her defense in a series of several posts via social media.

“I love my wife. On two occasions I was the last defense between her and a bottle,” he tweeted. “It’s disgusting to see some comments from her so called ‘friends’ that pretend to know anything about our relationship, attacking her, rather than showing an ounce of support,” he wrote.

The RHOC husband also shared the same statement that he tweeted via his Instagram Stories.

He then shared a black and white photo of them holding hands while praising his wife.

“Your honesty will never cease to amaze me. Even when done at your own expense ❤️ #changinglives,” he wrote. 

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Photo Credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal; Braunwyn Windham-Burke/Instagram