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Ashley Cairney, Kate Taylor & Tessa Hartmann Tease The Drama Viewers Can Expect From ITVBe’s New Series The Real Housewives Of Jersey!

Ashley Cairney, Kate Taylor, and Tessa Hartmann appeared on Tuesday's episode of This Morning where The Real Housewives of Jersey stars revealed what viewers can expect about the brand new series in the Real Housewives franchise.

"You won’t be disappointed. I think we’re all so different and great fun," Hartmann told hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, according to The Daily Mail. "There’s drama and tears and tantrums but the most important thing for me as a woman, behind all this glamour, we’ve got our real stories."

She continued, "When you strip back that glamour, there’s a real story there that I think everyone will relate to it."

The cast insisted they think Jersey will come across well to viewers despite the drama that is featured in the franchise. 

"It will show Jersey in a good light. The filming went over several months and we have now wrapped which is amazing, "said Ashley. "You’ll have the people who are with you and the people who need convincing. You’ve never met an island where everyone is so warm and welcoming. I can’t see it doing anything bad for the island."

Tessa added, "Absolutely. But for a time like COVID, I think it’s a great opportunity for the island to promote itself."

When the cast was asked if the series was influenced by The Real Housewives of Cheshire, Kate admitted she's hardly even seen it.

"I very rarely watch TV. I’ve watched a few. I thought we’d be different because we’re quite an eclectic group of women," Kate said. 

When they were asked if they are worried if the show will change perceptions of them, Tessa said, "Life is a rollercoaster. I’ve been through so much in my life, bring it on! Let’s open the doors."

The Real Housewives of Jersey premieres on Monday, December 28 at 9pm/8c on ITVBe.

Photo Credit: ITV; Monkey; NBCUniversal