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Whitney Rose Reveals Her Father Steve Lesh’s Addition Issues Will Be An Ongoing Topic Throughout This Season Of RHOSLC!

Whitney Rose reveals that her father Steve Lesh’s longtime addiction to painkillers will be an ongoing topic throughout this season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

“I’m going through a really big journey with my father and there is a moment with him that really — it was profound and deep and reminded me that this process was worth every high and low,” she told Page Six.

The blonde beauty said that she and her father have been on an ongoing cycle with his addiction and for the first time, he’s been willing to try and break it.

“There’s a moment where I’m with my father and my children and I’m seeing him interact with them in the way that I knew my dad growing up,” she told us, adding, “It’s actually been the first time that my kids have got to see my dad for who he really is, like the fun, playful, loving man.”

She continued, “I just took a step back and was like, ‘Wow … it has been worth every penny spent, every tear cried to save this human being’s life because he’s amazing.’ And it really taught me that when you love someone, everyone’s worth fighting for. And I’m just so glad that I never gave up and fought for him.”

Rose also admitted that filming her dad’s recovery wasn’t planned. “I went into this saying I’m going to show my real life … and I know that addiction is a huge crisis in the United States and across the world,” she said. “So I was proud of my dad for stepping up and being willing to share his journey as well.

She added, “I hope it at least helps one person to make all the drama with the ladies worth it!”

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal