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Vicki Gunvalson Says She’s “Saddened” To Hear That Kelly Dodd’s Mom Is In ICU With COVID And Slams Kelly For “Making A Complete Mockery Of The Virus”; Says “What This Comes Down To Is Kelly Is An Absolutely Vile Person”

Vicki Gunvalson slams her former Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Kelly Dodd after it was revealed that Bobbi Meza, who is Kelly’s mom, is in ICU battling COVID following Dodd’s controversial comments about the pandemic.

“While I am saddened to hear of Kelly’s Mom being in the ICU with Covid- and hope she gets a speedy recovery- it would be remiss for anyone to not think about and recall the endless months Kelly has spent making a complete mockery of the virus,” she told Champion Daily. “While everyone is frustrated with the current situation in the world- and understandably so- Kelly has gone above and beyond to completely make a joke out of it- the virus, mask wearing, the people dying from it, and more. Let us not forget she claimed coronavirus was God’s way of thinning the herd. If she really feels that way, then is her Mom part of the herd God should be thinning? One would think not…”

The OG of the OC continued, “it’s interesting to note it seems Kelly may not even be in contact with her Mom at this point. An Instagram exchange showed her brother asking for prayers for their Mom in the ICU and Kelly responding that her Mom has her blocked. What this comes down to is Kelly is an absolutely vile person. I, of course, feel empathy for her Mom and anyone else who is dealing with the coronavirus and deeply sick from it. What I don’t feel, though, is any empathy for Kelly. How can I feel bad for her dealing with this horrible situation after she’s made a complete mockery of the virus and, by doing so, the hundreds of thousands of people who have died from it?”

“It’s hard to feel bad for her personally- and, again, to be clear, I do feel bad for her Mom- both for having Kelly as a daughter and for having covid. Kelly is a living nightmare who continues to make reckless comments with no regard for the impact her words may have. While I continue to be surprised Bravo would continue to endorse her behavior- especially given all of the fan pushback on social media regarding the horrendous things she’s said- time will tell if she will remain on the show or not.”

She added, “With that being said, I wish Kelly’s Mom a speedy recovery and hope she does get out of the ICU and regain her health. Hopefully with this going on Kelly will have a change of heart with her response to the virus and how she treats people.”

“Knowing her as long as I have, though,” Gunvalson concluded, “I highly doubt this will impact her to be a better person. Some people’s hearts are just too dark to ever let in the light.”

Dodd’s brother Eric Meza revealed that their mother, Bobbi Meza, is in ICU battling COVID. According to Us Weekly, Eric posted a photo via Instagram on Saturday, November 21, that read, “Prayers for my mother. She has COVID19.”

He captioned the photo, “Prayers needed for my mother. Thank you. She is in ICU.”

Dodd commented on the post, “Mom has me blocked! Jr said she’s not in ICU,” in reference to her other brother, JR Meza. 

Eric replied to Dodd’s comment, which has since been deleted. “Jr doesn’t know s*t ! She is in ICU! I took her!”

Dodd first came under fire in April when she claimed the coronavirus pandemic was “God’s way of thinning the herd.” However, she quickly apologized, saying, “That’s not what I meant.”

“I’m not insensitive,” she said at the time. “I feel bad for all the families that lost loved ones, and I do think that we should all stay home and protect everybody. That’s not what I meant, and I want to apologize to anyone who got offended, OK? I’m sorry.”

In May, Dodd apologized again for another insensitive comment she made about the pandemic.

“I’m so sorry if I offended anyone regarding the Coronavirus.  Like millions of Americans I’m frustrated and longing for the way things were but I absolutely empathize with those who’ve lost loved ones..,” she tweeted.

The Bravo reality star’s apology comes after footage from an Instagram live featuring Kelly surfaced. During the chat, a friend of the RHOC star told her, “It’s more every day. In New York, we’re down to 250 [deaths] a day.”

Dodd then compared coronavirus to “the flu” and added, “But how many people die on a daily basis? … Well, people are going to die! I’m sorry to tell ya.”

Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo(2)