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RHOCheshire Alum Leanne Brown Slammed Over Her Anti-Coronavirus Vaccine Social Media Rant!

Leanne Brown is slammed after going on an anti-coronavirus vaccine social media rant. The former Real Housewives of Cheshire star said a jab was a way of "pumping a whole load of poison into the population to reduce it and control the rest," according to a report by The Daily Mail.

The wife of ex-Manchester United's Wes Brown also called shutdowns "unlawful" and said they have caused "the loss of livelihood, businesses, mental health, depression, suicide, addiction, abuse and all the other lives lost due to missing treatment for diseases that are being disregarded."

Brown was slammed by social media users who called her an "uneducated bimbo" and a "selfish disrespectful excuse of a human."

Brown caused controversy back in May for saying that a vaccine for coronavirus could be dangerous in a 15-minute video rant via her Instagram. 

Leanne said, "I hope it won't be mandatory in the UK... What's really going on here - the bigger picture is it is control."

The news comes after U.S. pharmaceutical company Moderna revealed its jab is 94.5 percent effective, after Pfizer's vaccine was last week found to be 90 percent effective. 

Brown has since said: "At some point you have to ask yourself why do they want to vaccinate the whole world regardless of moralities, age, previous adverse reactions. With complete indemnity. You get injured, you get nothing, you die, they do nothing, you become infertile, impossible to pin it on them."

"They are home free making a s**t load of money pumping a whole load of poison into the population to reduce it and control the rest," she continued, "I was never against vaccines. I had mine and my children did, no visible reactions to date."

"The point is I never even give it a second thought to question what the ingredients were, how effective or safe they were, the history of them. Big Pharma, any of it!"

"I just trusted the doctors and nurses knew best, and wanted to protect us. When I did begin to question them and do some research I was completely and utterly gobsmacked in face horrified to find out," she shared. "What disturbed me even more is the hate and repercussions I got from people wishing to slam me for daring to question the narrative and safety of them."

"If you have fully researched the ingredients, the injuries caused, deaths caused, the clauses of indemnity of the pharmaceutical companies, the compensations that have been paid out on them. The real history of when they were introduced, and still wish to go ahead and risk your child's health or your own."

"Especially on this fair play at least. You understand exactly what you are allowing them to inject into your, your body, your choice. They have taken away our freedom to dangle the carrot in front of us like we are idiots just take it and you go love a normal life again," she revealed. "Brainwashing people into believing they are serving the greater good of humanity when you are actually destroying it. I love you all, please just think about what I am saying and question everything. The world is not what it seems."

Last week, Brown also marched at an anti-lockdown rally in Manchester, which led to organizer Paul Boys receiving a £10,000 fine. Four arrests were made and officers also fined 25 people £200 each.   

Photo Credit: ITV/Monkey/NBCUniversal