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Report: Faith Stowers Shopping Reality Show Similar To ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Faith Stowers is reportedly developing a new reality show, which is similar to Vanderpump Rules

Page Six reports that Stowers is shopping a “Vanderpump”-esque series centered around a black-owned business.

“She wants to use the opportunity to create more black-themed entertainment and help black entrepreneurs — kinda like a Black Lisa Vanderpump,” said an insider told the outlet. “She’s been having meetings around town trying to make it happen.”

 Earlier this month, E! News reported that the ­future of “Vanderpump Rules” is still up in the air. “There is now no timeline for the show’s return.” And “with so many uncertainties during the COVID pandemic, showrunners are telling the crew that the show has not been canceled, but the upcoming season is currently on hold, and asking them to please sit tight until the future is more clear.”

A source close to the show told Page Six: “They still have not made any decisions on filming or timing quite yet, as they need to see how restaurants continue to do in LA.”

Stowers appeared on the Bravo hit reality series in a reduced role in past seasons. She left the Bravoverse to star on MTV reality shows such as Ex on the Beach and The Challenge. 

In June, Bravo fired Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute for making the false ­police report about Stowers, the show’s sole black cast member.

In 2018, Schroeder and Doute noticed a Daily Mail story about a woman who had been committing robberies in LA, and they reported Stowers for the crime — even though the only thing she appeared to have in common with the perp was that they were both women of color.

“There was this article on Daily Mail where there was an African American lady. It was a weird photo, so she looked very light-skinned and had these different, weird tattoos. They showcased her, and I guess this woman was robbing people. And they called the cops and said it was me,” Stowers recalled via Instagram Live. “It was just funny, because they thought it was me because it was a black woman with a weave. So they just assumed it would be me, and they called the cops on me.”

Doute and Schroeder issued a public apology to Stowers over their 2018 comments about her via social media.

However, Stowers said that she “forgave them two years ago” when the comments were first made.

“I already forgave, forgiven them because as a Christian, that’s what I’m taught to do,” she explained. “My parents taught me to forgive people. But as far as knowing the difference for forgiving somebody and giving them time to grow, that’s two different things. I know for a fact they need to grow on their own. So I forgive you, but you have to do the work to show the world and everyone else that you’re ready to be the face of anything. So, yeah, I wish them luck on their journey with that.”

Stowers’ rep Alphonso Reed told the publication, “As of right now I feel my client has not seen much education on Stassi’s or Kristen’s part, or anything to help what’s happening to black lives. What has happened to Faith can not be fixed by a simple phone call, words are not enough. It’s bigger than them. Faith’s people are being murdered at an alarming rate and my client could have been right along side them, with a viral hashtag due to the false allegations put forth by both Stassi and Kristen.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images