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New Details Emerge About The Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 5 Reunion Drama!

Instagram fan page Real Housewives Franchise 2020 is spilling some tea about what went down at the Real Housewives of Potomac season five (in-person) reunion taping.

The following information is courtesy via Instagram page, Real Housewives Franchise 2020

- The rumors circulating around that it’s similar to the RHOA season 9 reunion are simply not true nobody is Phaedra Parks in this situation nor is anybody Kandi Burruss. Nobody is exposed to the point of no return.

- Four of the husbands were invited and present during the reunion. Chris Bassett and Chris Samuels both get into a little bit but not too much as they have respect for one another.

- Candiace Dillard and Monique Samuels’ relationship hasn’t improved or worsened since the reunion it’s kinda at a point where they have both said it is what it is.

- Karen Huger and Candiace still haven’t moved forward, they both struggle to see each other’s point of view and it’s left their friendship at a standstill.

- The baby plot was brought up at the reunion but there was really not much evidence to Monique’s claims her main evidence is that Candiace mentioned a plot of some sort on a live stream and every housewife accused of being involved denies this.

- Karen and Wendy Osefo have not really made any progress, however, neither hate one another and are willing to move on.

- Candiace and Ashley Darby are also both hurt by one another and struggle to see a path moving forward. Ashley is more concerned about her pregnancy than the drama with Candiace.

- If you have already chosen a side with Team Candiace or Team Monique, the reunion isn’t likely to change your mind.

- Monique continues to deny selling any stories to the blogs about the fight between her and Candiace.

- The night was emotional for all the ladies and has all left them feeling down and confused about what’s next for the Real Housewives of Potomac. Andy wants them all back but is this possible with the clear divide in this group?

The Instagram page shared more details about what allegedly went down at the RHOP season 5 reunion taping, in a second post. 

The following information is courtesy via Instagram page, Real Housewives Franchise 2020

- A Binder was brought to the reunion by Monique Samuels.

- Ashley accused Candiace and Chris of being at a party with swingers but it was quickly shut down and most housewives found it pretty strange that she said that.

- Nobody was dragged to filth it was a fairly 50-50 reunion.

- Chris Samuels tried bringing up the plot also and Andy Cohen was like dude we’ve already spoken about this for over an hour, it wasn’t on the show and it was only brought to light by you and Monique talking about it.

- Monique and Chris swore it was talked about on camera but Andy said no it was not.

- A big part of the reunion was who brought up the plot first. Candiace or Monique. Monique seems to have deleted evidence of her speaking about it first.

- Chris Samuels asked the ladies point-blank if there was a plot, everyone denied it.

- Monique is using the plot to defend her altercation with Candiace.

- And the most important part the people who love Monique will still love her. The people who love Candiace and the other ladies will still love them. The reunion isn’t going to change your opinion.

- For the seating all that has been confirmed that Monique was at the end of her side of the coach.

- A fan question was “do you think there is a colorist issue on this show ?” 4 ladies said yes, 2 said no, and 1 didn’t have a response.

- Four Househusbands were there. Juan [Dixon] and Jamal [Bryant] were not. Chris Bassett and Chris Samuels were both there. It’s been hinted to me Michael Darby was not there but just a hint I can’t confirm this. I’m not too sure who the other two in attendance were.

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Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal