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Meredith Marks Opens Up About Joining ‘RHOSLC’ And Teases What Viewers Can Expect From Her In Season 1; Says “I Think That’s Going To Be Very Hard On Me Emotionally”

Meredith Marks opens up about joining The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. "You know, it’s an interesting process that you go through. I was contacted a couple years ago by a friend who told me that their husband’s college roommate was a producer and wanted to do a reality show in Utah," she told the Chicago Tribune when asked what made her sign up to join the Bravo hit reality series. 

"Would I talk to them? And, honestly, when I said yes, I didn’t even realize it was for casting. I thought they were just trying to kind of pick my brain and figure it out. I learned very quickly it was for casting. And it’s a big debate, if you want to put your life out there. I have been a pretty private person, and so for me, it was a very big deal to make this choice to go ahead and do that. But I thought, there are a lot of women in this world who are dealing with similar issues to me, and if I can offer anybody some guidance and inspiration, some help through what I show on the show. That is my goal, to be able to inspire and help other people and of course, to grow my business and everything else."

Marks then teased what Bravo viewers can expect from her this season. "I think that what is already somewhat clear from the trailers is my husband and I are dealing with being empty nesters. We have had a bit of a volatile relationship for many years. When you’re empty nesters, it’s sort of a “do or die” situation," she said. "You have to finally say, OK, we can’t keep playing this game anymore and separating and reconciling for our children. We’ve got to figure out now, what’s really going to happen? What do we want? Do we want to be together for just ourselves now? Is it just about the kids? In which case, what’s the point of staying together? And I think most people probably go through that at some point or another. I’d be pretty surprised if they didn’t."

Meredith admits that filming certain scenes was very emotional for her. "I don’t know if I would say it was so difficult to film because after a short time, you get very used to the cameras being around and you kind of just live your life." she told Chicago Tribune. "I think what’s going to be difficult is to watch those scenes. I think that’s going to be very hard on me emotionally."

When asked for her to share an update on the status of her marriage after it was revealed that her husband had filed for divorce. However, the suit was later dismissed. "Well, I can tell you that that was dismissed. I can tell you that much, so we’re obviously not getting divorced," she said. "I don’t want to give too much away because I want you guys to watch and see and be invested in the whole process."

Photo Credit: Meredith Marks/Instagram