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Lauren Simon Says She Once Had Sex With A Ghost!

Lauren Simon shocked Real Housewives of Cheshire fans by saying she once had sex with a ghost during the latest episode of the ITVBe hit reality series.

Simon went to see a psychic along with her co-star Nicole Sealey in the hopes of communicating with her late father, who recently passed away. However, during the session, Simon ended up sharing her jaw-dropping story about her past encounter.

"I have to admit something really weird," she said on the show, according to Manchester Evening News. "I've had sex with a ghost."

"I actually properly had sex. I knew it wasn't a dirty dream because it was too real, like something was touching me," she continued. "And I have had that before where I feel like somebody's holding me down and I can't get up."

"That's weird," said Nicole.

"That's not weird," said the psychic. "That happens."

"This particular ghost that came and had sex, it happened twice, it was a very bizarre feeling but he never came back. Does that mean I wasn't good in bed?" Simon asked the psychic. 

The medium told her that it didn't mean she'd been ghosted by a ghost and reassured it was 'normal' to have ghostly sexual encounters. She said people can experience a 'whispering' from ghosts as their worlds are intertwined.

Lauren said, "I haven't had whispering but I have had full-blown sex."

Lauren added by telling viewers, "I'm not going to be a ghostly booty call, I've got my self-respect to think of."

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Photo Credit: ITV/NBCUniversal/Monkey