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Kelly Dodd’s Family Faces Backlash After Her Mom Bobbi Meza Dines Out A Day After Being Discharged From The Hospital Following COVID-19 ICU Battle!

Kelly Dodd’s family is facing backlash after her brother, Eric Meza, shared a video via his Instagram Stories of their mother, Bobbi Meza, dining at a Mastros Restaurant after she was discharged from the hospital following a battle with COVID-19.

Eric revealed that his mother had enjoyed a steak on Thanksgiving day, according to a report by All About The Real Housewives.

“She got her steak at Mastros,” he shared, adding that the restaurant was “not too busy.”

Fans of the series shared their thoughts on the topic of the blog page's comment section of the post.

“Apples don’t fall far from the tree,” one person said, according to a report by Reality Blurb.

“I should be shocked but I’m not,” added another.

A third fan slammed Bobbi for being “reckless to say the least.”

Another user wrote, “The whole family is crazy.. In ICU on Wed and dining out on Thur.. and Kelly hates masks. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS FAMILY.. ??” someone else asked.

Eric then took to Instagram to share a health update on his mom Bobbi. “UPDATE: My Mother is discharged from the hospital 🏥 She beat COVID19. I’m so happy and grateful to have my sibling/brother who has my mother’s back,” he wrote. “A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for a difficult time. He practices what he preaches.”  

He continued, “Please take note: For anyone you know who may have COVID19 And they are prescribed Methylprednisolone, It’s IMPERATIVE to check with your Endocrinologists if you’re type 1 or type 2. This steroid is very dangerous and is the main reason why my mother ended up in ICU. Please be careful out there. Wear your mask, 😷 wash your hands, Take Vitamin D, Zinc, & Vitamin C. I want to thank all of you who reached out & sent positive thoughts 💭 and prayers 🙏 #truefriends #truefamily” 

She added, “You are all life savers and angels! I appreciate and love ❤️ all of you!! #godbless 😘 🙏 @obbieann7 #happythanksgivng (P.S. this just isn’t the flu )🤒”

Eric first revealed that Bobbi was in ICU battling COVID. He posted a photo via Instagram on Saturday, November 21, that read, “Prayers for my mother. She has COVID19.” 

Photo Credit: Merritt/Radarpics for NVFF18/Shutterstock; Eric Meza/Instagram