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Kathy Hilton Is Reportedly Gunning To Take Lisa Rinna Down Amid Filming RHOBH Season 11!

According to a new report, Kathy Hilton, who's joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is reportedly coming after Lisa Rinna in season 11 of the Bravo hit reality series.

On November 5, All About The Real Housewives shared a report from The Real Andy of Beverly Hills, which they claim that Kathy is planning to take down Rinna by having her sister, Kyle Richards, to distance herself from Lisa during season 11.

The site also claims that Kathy is also planning a supposed “takedown” against Rinna. 

Apparently, Hilton decided to join the Bravo hit reality series as a “friend” to come after Lisa. The alleged takedown steems from Lisa's past feud with Kathy's sister, Kim Richards, which kicked off during the show's fifth season and onwards.

The Real Andy of Beverly Hills reports that Kathy is determined to put an end to Kyle and Rinna's friendship as she allegedly believes that Lisa is a “bad influence” and doesn't align well with their family.

“It’s going to be Kathy vs. Lisa Rinna,” the YouTuber explained. “Kathy has decided not to follow, on any social media platform, either Lisa Rinna or Erika Girardi.” 

According to the report, Kathy is “taking a stand” against Lisa and Erika and plans to go “full force” to show viewers of RHOBH that Lisa has been manipulating cast members for years.

“Lisa Rinna is the manipulator behind everything,” Andy alleged. 

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Photo Credit: Sara Jaye Weiss/StartraksPhoto; Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images