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Jen Shah Issues Public Apology For Her ‘Ignorant’ And ‘Insensitive’ Comments About AIDS During The Series Premiere Of RHOSLC!

Jen Shah has issued a public apology on social media after facing backlash over the comments she made about AIDS during the series premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

During the episode, which premiered on Thursday, November 11, Jen was having breakfast with her family. In the scene, Jen's older son, Sharrieff Jr., revealed that his little brother Omar had a girlfriend, which Jen asked if he has kissed his girlfriend.

“If you kiss a girl, you might be like, ‘Oh she’s cute,’ but guess what? You can contract herpes and probably AIDS.”

Several viewers slammed the Bravo reality star, calling her comments “ignorant” and “insensitive.”

Following the premiere episode of RHOSLC, Jen took to Twitter to issue a public apology.

“Yes, my comment on the premiere was very ignorant and insensitive. I do apologize for saying it! ♥️ #RHOSLC,” she tweeted. 

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal