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Eboni K. Williams Explains Why She Decided To Join The Real Housewives Of New York City! Plus Eboni Opens Up About Her ‘Deep Friendship’ With Leah McSweeney And Says She ‘Absolutely Discussed’ The Topic Of Race With Her Co-Stars!

Eboni K. Williams made Bravo history by becoming the first black cast member to join the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City. Now, the successful lawyer and author opened up about joining the Bravo hit reality series.

Eboni reveals she already become fast friends with season 12's breakout star Leah McSweeney, it seems she was slightly wary about the streetwear designer at first.

"She's lovely. And what I, and Leah knows this. So, I'm not saying anything to you that I've not said to Leah," Eboni said during a recent appearance on Bevelations, a Radio Andy show on SiriusXM, according to E! News. Eboni revealed that she and Leah McSweeney have become fast friends. Williams admits that she was slightly wary about McSweeney at first.

"She's lovely. And what I, and Leah knows this. So, I'm not saying anything to you that I've not said to Leah," Eboni started off. "When I first engaged with her, I was sure, you know, well, I called Leah like, 'Black adjacent.' She's adjacent to the culture."

Eboni reveals she was worried that Leah would come on "a little strong" and do "a little bit much." But after getting to know McSweeney, Eboni declared that the Married to the Mob boss "does not do too much."

"And I so love that about her. Leah's exactly who she is. She's unapologetic about who she is," Williams shared. "She acknowledges how the culture, our culture, has influenced her career and her aesthetic and her lens. And she pays homage. She's not trying to be a black girl. And I really, really love that about Leah."

Eboni revealed that she and Leah share a "spiritual connection." "You know, Leah and I have really started to develop a deep friendship really."

Eboni told Bevelations host Bevy Smith that the topic of race has been "absolutely discussed" in the upcoming thirteenth season of RHONY.

"You know, we're still very much in our filming process. I believe it will continue to happen because it's what you said. It's unavoidable, it's unavoidable," Eboni shared. "I mean, as a cast we, you know, just experienced this election, we're still, I mean, we're still very much in this election. We still don't have an outcome."

Eboni made it clear she's "not one to bite my tongue or ignore the big elephant in the room," she admitted that she's open to having civil discourse with her co-stars.

"But listen, I'm also not the preachy type…I'm not here to lecture you. I have two full time jobs. One is not to be a professor to white women about Black America," she remarked. "However what I am though is a human and somebody that thinks that God has blessed me with a particular temperament and skillset to engage in these dialogues, Bevy, responsibly and authentically."

As to why she decided to join RHONY, Williams said she was excited to show the world another side to her.

"That'd be people know me as a lawyer. People know me as a journalist. People know me as a broadcaster. People don't know my heart. People don't know me as a friend. People don't know me as a lover. And I'm excited to share that, right?"

Eboni said that she's "openhearted" with her cast members, but added that she refused to take "bulls--t" from her cast members.

She concluded, "When they show me, they want to grow, I'm open and so excited to support them in their growth."

Photo Credit: Eboni K. Williams/Instagram; Ramona Singer/Instagram; Bravo/NBCUniversal