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The Real Housewives Of Auckland Will Reunite For A One-Hour Special Called ‘Get Housewived’

They're back! Bravo New Zealand is reuniting the original six cast members of The Real Housewives of Auckland for a one-hour special called, Get Housewived.

TBI Vision reports the following: Developed by NBCUniversal International Studios’ Matchbox Pictures, Get Housewived is a spin-off from the Real Housewives franchise, which is licensed by NBCUniversal Formats for international adaptation.

NBCUniversal Global Distribution handles the licensing of The Real Housewives franchise and will manage the distribution of Get Housewived outside of New Zealand.

The one-hour special is being co-produced by Matchbox Pictures and Workparty NZ, with filming currently underway and the special due to premiere on Bravo later this year. Viewers can expect to see the luxury-loving ladies return to put their collective knowledge of all things glitzy and glamorous to good use, by creating an unforgettable experience for one lucky family.

Executive producers are Dan Munday for Matchbox Pictures and Hayley Cunningham for Workparty NZ.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring local production back to Bravo New Zealand, which is now the fastest growing FTA channel in NZ this year,” said Chris Taylor, Bravo New Zealand executive chairman and MD, NBCUniversal International Networks and Television Distribution ANZ. “We hope our NZ audiences enjoy this feel-good special featuring some of their favorite Housewives Of Auckland.”

Alastair McKinnon, Matchbox Pictures MD, added, “It is such a genius idea to have our fabulous Real Housewives Of Auckland reunite to bring some much-needed glitz and glamour to the lives of others. What could possibly go wrong?”

The series made its debut on Bravo New Zealand in 2016. The cast included Anne Batley Burton, Angela Stone, Gilda Kirkpatrick, Julia Sloane, Louise Wallace, and Michelle Blanchard.

The first season consists of ten episodes with no reunion special. The series made controversial headlines after Sloane used a racial slur against co-star Blanchard during an episode of the series, which even lawyers got involved.

In 2018, A Bravo NZ spokesperson confirmed that there were no plans for a second season. “The Real Housewives of Auckland was incredibly successful for Bravo NZ, as well as internationally with the show also airing in the US, Europe and Australia. We have no immediate plans for another series, but it is something we would love to do so never say never!” they said in a statement to Stuff.

Photo Credit: Bravo New Zealand/NBCUniversal