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Brandi Glanville Insists She “NEVER Had A Threesome” With Kim Richards And Accuses Denise Richards’ PR Team Of Spreading “Untruths To Blogs”; Says “This Is Hurting Our Friendship Please STOP!!”

Brandi Glanville has accused Denise Richards' PR team of spreading “untruths to blogs” about her alleged after it was rumored that she allegedly engaged in a threesome with former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Kim Richards.

“Dear whoever represents @DeniseRichards for PR & continues to feed untruths to blogs.I have NEVER had a threesome with @KimRichards11 -She is one of my best friends & that's it. This is hurting our friendship please STOP!!,” she tweeted on Wednesday, November 18.

After accusing Denise's team of spreading the rumor, a user called out Glanville for claiming she hooked up with her last season of RHOBH. 

The user tweeted, “You didn't care when you published about you and Denise who you were hurting brandi? What's the difference?”

To which Glanville replied, “The truth and a lie!”

Then, a user asked Brandi, “But don't you two have the same PR company”

To which she simply replied back, “No!”

Last week, it was rumored that Glanville allegedly hooked up with former RHOBH co-stars Carlton Gebbia and Kim Richards.

“It was actually none other than Kim Richards who Denise was referring to,” a source close to Brandi told #NoFilter podcast host, Zack Peter, according to All About The Tea. “Brandi hooked up with Kim Richards and there was apparently a threesome that went down between the three of them.” 

“There was a dude that came in and the three of them all kind of had a little rendezvous, ménage à trois,” the insider alleged.

Sources reveal why Kim's name was not mentioned when Denise alluded to what Brandi allegedly told her about sleeping with other RHOBH ladies.

“Kim wasn’t there to defend herself. It would have looked really bad had she actually exposed Kim on the show as the person that Brandi slept with,” Zack explained. 

The podcast host also alleges that Brandi had hooked up with Carlton while she was married to her now ex-husband, David Gebbia. 

“They had a little fling because Carlton had an open marriage and they liked three-ways,” he said.

However, Brandi took to Twitter to deny the allegations. “I have NEVER had a 3some with @KimRichards11unless you count her 30lb cat that sleeps on my chest when we have girls nights,” she tweeted on Sunday, November 15.

Glanville previously claimed that she had an affair with Denise, which played out last season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While Denise denies the allegations, Glanville insists it's true.

If you recall, Denise revealed to the rest of the cast during their Rome cast trip that Brandi told her that she hooked up with other women from the show. 

However, Brandi reacted to Denise’s claims during an August episode of her podcast, “Brandi Glanville Unfiltered.” The outspoken reality star denied Denise’s allegation and insisted that she only with Denise. 

“[Denise] made up crazy stories about me. If she just wanted to say, ‘Brandi is lying. That didn’t happen,’ that’s her prerogative. But I’m not lying. It did happen. And then to make up stories about sleeping with the other women, I’ve never slept with anyone in that cast except for Denise,” Brandi said. 

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