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Tamra Judge Believes Shannon Beador Is Being “Calculated” And Attempting To Change The Narrative In Their Fallout! Plus Tamra Accuses Shannon Of Mistreating The ‘RHOC’ Crew Due To Her “Diva” Behavior!

Tamra Judge puts Shannon Beador on blast during a recent appearance on the Politically Incorrect podcast. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star accuses Beador of mistreating the production crew and slams her rekindled friendship with Kelly Dodd.

“[Shannon is a] nightmare. [She’s] controlling, tries to produce, has fits, yells at them, calls them in the middle of the night, screams, those kinds of things,” Tamra revealed during the October 17 episode of the podcast, describing her behavior as that of a “diva,” according to Reality Blurb.

Judge also sets the record straight that Beador's new friendship with Dodd has nothing to do with their fallout. 

“I’m not mad at all about that. I’m mad that she just dumped me,” Tamra explained.

Judge believes that Shannon’s reconciliation with Kelly is “bullsh*t” and “fake,” and that Shannon only made up with Dodd as she is afraid of being her target. 

“Everybody is afraid of [Kelly]. So if you get on her bad side, she’ll go after your kids, your business, your husband. There’s no boundaries with her and Bravo can’t stop her,” Tamra noted.

Tamra claims that Shannon is being “calculated” and attempting to change the narrative in the Tres Amigas fallout.

“The only thing I said [in the media] is that she just stopped talking to me. Every time I called her she’d send me to voicemail. Now you have to understand, this is a friendship I had throughout the years where we would talk multiple times a day. And I helped her out. Was it annoying sometimes? Yeah, it was, because she is very, very needy. And I would take her phone calls in the middle of the night. There was just so much that went on and so much that I did to help. And when I was down and out and she was sending me to voicemail all the time, I’m just like, ‘Wow, this really says a lot,’” Tamra recalled.

Tamra then shared that after he went public about their fallout that Shannon sent her an angry text.

“She texted me and said, ‘Wow, Tamra! You could at least text me or picked up the phone,’” Tamra said on the Politically Incorrect podcast.

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal