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RHONY Newbie Eboni K. Williams Hints At Possible Feud With Sonja Morgan!

Eboni K. Williams is sharing how she's getting along with her Real Housewives of New York City cast members as they're currently filming the upcoming thirteenth season of the Bravo hit reality series.

"I can tell you after this trip in the Hamptons, there's enough foundation with every single one of them. Will we get there? I don't know," she said during an appearance on RealiTea With Derek Z via NECN. "Like I honestly don't know. You know, we're early in the filming process."

"The opportunity is there. This is going to come down to everybody staying their authentic selves, everybody having the willingness. You know, that's a big thing for me. Willingness. Who wants to be in a relationship with me to do? I want to be in a relationship with, you know, kind of if we will, remains to be seen. But I'm excited. I think I see parts of myself in each one of these women, which might surprise some viewers."

She continued, "But and let's say they kind of surprise me on some level. But but a really pleasant surprise, Terry. I think what I've already learned in the brief amount of time we've been filming is that just when you really take the time to talk to people, I mean, really talk you will be shocked as to how much you have in common versus your differences. That said, there's a lot of differences. There's a lot of differences between me and a lot of these cast mates"

Williams reveals that she's currently getting along with Leah McSweeney and Ramona Singer. "I mean, Leon McSweeny and I have a really special relationship already because we have a lot of organic things in common beyond the age stuff. It's just shocking how much Lee and I are alive and connect. I'm very deep spiritual levels and it's a lot and I can't wait for everybody to see that. But in addition to Leah, you know, there's there's some really amazing things I have in common with Ramona Singer. There's some pretty cool things that Louis and I share by way of background."

Eboni then hints at a possible feud with Sonja Morga. "And then with Sonja Morgan, I'm going to say that about me and Sonja is you got to watch that. You got to watch me in this all the time Sonja has surprised me is all I will tell you."

"Sonja has totally surprised me. And y'all got to watch this season. I can guarantee you and I promise I'm not saying this because I'm on it," she told Derek Zagami on RealiTea With Derek Z. "I'll halfway wish I wasn't just so I could sit back and be popular with y'all and drink wine and watch this play out. This is going to be unlike anything during this franchise has ever seen."

Photo Credit: Eboni K. Williams/Instagram; Bravo/NBCUniversal