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Rachel Lugo Reveals What RHOCheshire Viewers Can Expect From Newbie Lystra Adams; Says “She Comes In With A Bang, There Are Things To Come — Unfortunately”

Rachel Lugo reveals what Real Housewives of Cheshire viewers can expect from new cast member Lystra Adams. 

"We do have a new housewife and oh my goodness, she's a big character, I think she's going to be absolutely fantastic in our group," Lugo told the Daily Star

"It never runs smoothly when things get misinterpreted. She comes in with a bang, there are things to come - unfortunately.” 

"I don't even know what else to say. Lystra's made her presence known," she explained. Speaking about Lystra, Lugo added: "She is just stunning to look at. She has a big personality to go with it, I'm really pleased she's part of the group - I think she's going to be great," 

Rachel went on to say. “I'm excited for people to see her, it's going to be really good." 

Lugo admitted that she appreciates Adams’ sass and honesty. "I like it, that's why I get on with Lauren so well, because she says it how it is,” she told the Daily Star

"I do like to be around people where I know where I stand. Whether or not I get on with them is another thing but at least I'm never going to be wondering."

Photo Credit: NBCUniversal/Monkey/ITV