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Rachel Lugo Opens up About Why She Rekindled Her Friendship With RHOChehsire Co-Star Dawn Ward After Feuding Last Season!

Real Housewives of Cheshire star Rachel Lugo has opened up about rekindling her friendship with co-star Dawn Ward after the two women had a fallout during last season's cast trip in Athens and also facing off at the season 11 virtual reunion special.

"It was Nicole [Sealey] that called us both during lockdown on a Facetime call and Nicole's signal went, and it left just me and Dawn on there," Lugo told the Daily Star. "It was really awkward, we just talked and it was only a couple of minutes before Nicole came on and we hadn't spoken."

"And we were just like 'er, this is awkward, I've missed you'. We just realized it wasn't worth it, everybody was going through so much."

She added, "It was really nice how it happened actually but really unexpected."

Rachel then opened up about finally reuniting with her twin sister Katie after being separated for almost eleven months over the COVID-19 lockdown.

"It was amazing, I hadn't seen her for nearly 11 months, you don't see us together on the show but it was so fantastic to catch up with her."

Lugo also shared an update on her love life. "There's so many apps out there, people talk to so many people, I can't say I particularly like it, but you have to put yourself out there, I want to be in a relationship," she said.

Photo Credit: NBCUniversal; Monkey; ITV