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Rachel Lugo Opens Up About Her Battle With Skin Pigmentation!

Rachel Lugo opened up about her battle with skin pigmentation. The Real Housewives of Cheshire got candid about the topic via her Instagram page.

Lugo admitted that she didn't know about sunspots and melasma, a tan or dark skin discoloration thought to be caused by sun exposure, until her identical twin Katie Kane visited her and she noticed a dark mark in the middle of her forehead.

Then two weeks later, Rachel got a similar mark in the same spot followed by two others on her face.

Rachel told her followers that she went to different clinics and had a chemical peel then someone suggested for her to have a burn-off laser treatment to help with wrinkles and get rid of the pigmentation.

Rachel said this caused her the "whole face" to appear pigmented while the marks she had gone white, according to Manchester Evening News.

Lugo then revealed that she used a concealer and pressed powder to cover her dark pigmentation. But it was after she went on a trip with her friend and co-star Dawn Ward that Rachel decided to go to Dawn's Skulpt clinic for help.

"One summer when Dawn and I went to Turkey together and she just kept looking at my face and saying 'I need to get rid of that for you," she recalled. "It was actually really aging as well as soon as my skin was clear I felt like it had taken years off me."

Lugo underwent a 12-week Obagi medical-grade skin care program and is now rid of the pigmentation.

In the post, Lugo captioned the video clip with, "How did I clear my skin pigmentation," she wrote.

"I tried so many things to try and clear my pigmentation. Things that didn’t work. Things that made it worse. Things that hurt .. a lot! Then I found something with no pain involved and no down time. If you are struggling with pigmentation watch my video to see what eventually worked for me. This is not an ad...just my honest account of my pigmentation journey. Hope you find it useful Thank you to @weareskulpt @dawnward4 @obagiuk ❤️❤️."

Photo Credit: Rachel Lugo/Instagram; NBCUniversal/Monkey/ITV