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Katie Rost Reveals She Had A ‘Sexual Relationship’ With A Former RHOP Cast Member!

The Black Socialites is reporting that Katie Rost allegedly slept with one of her former Real Housewives of Potomac co-stars. 

The outlet shared a photo of Rost on Instagram along with the caption, “Can you guess which former RHOP cast members Katie Rost allegedly tried to have lesbian sex with 😜?”

The outlet wrote the following: “Can u guess which Veteran OG that Katie Rost allegedly got into her hotel bed heavily intoxicated without any panties and wanted to have lesbian sex with? 😜 The same OG who Katie went over her house from The Village after being heavily intoxicated again and got drunk and threw up all over her home, woke up the next morning and started drinking beers again, stole a 6 pack from her garage, and sent her on a wild goose chase for hours because Katie couldn’t remember where she left the car she was originally driving..... Hot Lesbian nights in Potomac 😜 #rhop #whycryoverspillledmilkwhenyoucanlaughoverchampagne”

Fans of the series are speculating that the women that Rost allegedly hooked up with is Charrisse Jackson Jordan. Fans believe it’s her due to the hashtag the outlet shared at the end of the post.

Rost responded to the outlet’s allegation in the comment section of the post.

“I was going to bite my tongue, but as a bi-sexual woman who had a sexual relationship with a cast member when I was on the show is my own business and hers,” she wrote. “It is mean-spirited and unnecessary to write this. We have a friendship that will last beyond this [haterade].”

She continued, “I am proud of that and of love that we made. I think it’s evil to shame us for what had and have.”

She added the hashtags, “#RHOP #bisexualpride #lesbian #katievibes #katierost.”

The Black Socialites then shared a now-deleted Instagram post from Katie, which read: “Just got a super bitchy text from a friend. Not necessary. Check yourself before you wreck yourself….you know the rest. #becool (if you had kept your mouth shut in the first place I wouldn’t be cleaning this up… ) #katievibes”

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Photo Credit: Bravo.NBCUniversal; Getty Images