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Emily Simpson Shares An Update On Her Breast Implant Removal Surgery!

Emily Simpson took to her Instagram Stories to share an update on her breast implant removal surgery. 

“Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you all for all the nice messages and comments and positive thoughts, you all are so sweet. I just I could respond to each and every one of you but I am in so much pain,” she pans to the camera to show off her drains.”

“Drains right here,” she says while moving the camera towards her breast, which is covered in bandages. “These are my real ta-tas,” Emily says while grabbing her breast are and giggling. 

“No implants anymore but I literally feel like a truck just ran my body and just ripped it up. So I am in a lit of pain but I’m happy to see the end results and feel better eventually, so thanks for hanging in there with me, being by my side, watching and commenting, just being so kind and positive, I really, really appreciate it.”

Simpson also shared a photo where she opened up about her recovery.

“Good morning guys! Thank you so much for all the kind messages… I feel like a Mack truck ran over me but I’ll be ok,” she wrote.

Last week, Simpson revealed the real reason why she was removing her implants while sharing an update on her fitness journey. “Also along with this whole health journey, I'm also having my breast implants removed on Monday," Emily revealed. "I'm kind of excited about that too.”

“I read a lot about breast implant illness, like joint pain and a lot of things that people have are connected to having silicone implants. And you know, my arthritis has gotten really bad over the last couple of years,” she dished. "I'm not a doctor, I don't know if the two correlate. But I just thought to air on the side of safety and just to have them removed so that's what I'm gonna do.”

Emily admits that her husband Shane is supportive of her decision of having her implants removed. “He's always been supportive," she told E! News. “He doesn't have a problem with it, he's just supportive of whatever it is that makes me happy and makes me feel good about myself. 'Cause if I'm happy and I feel good about myself, then I'm nice to him. So he's just like, 'Whatever you need to do so that,' you know? What is it? Happy wife, happy life.”

Photo Credit: Emily Simpson/Instagram