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DJ James Kennedy Confirms He Is ‘Officially’ Retiring ‘White Kanye’ Nickname!

James Kennedy confirms that he is “officially retiring” his self-given “White Kanye” nickname. “I’m just going to be James Kennedy — the best producer that I can be, myself,” he told Page Six. “But his music still lives within me.”

Kennedy's newest remix is set to be released through a major label. Recently, the Bravo reality star dropped a mix to Jason Derulo’s “Coño” alongside singer Puri and rapper Jhorrmountain via Atlantic/Spinnin’ records.

“It’s a really fun track,” Kennedy said. “It’s bass boosted and it hits really good in the club, so I thought, ‘Why not remix it?'”

James also shared that he was looking forward to touring with his new music, but due to the coronavirus pandemic had to cancel those plans, including his “big Vegas debut” in April.

“It’s just crazy to see how much the music world has had to adapt in the last few months,” he told Page Six. “Of course, I’ve adapted with it. I’ve just been making music nonstop in my little cubby and been doing a lot of mixes and livestreams, as well.”

He added, “I’m really excited, though, for when the world does get back to normal and I can go crazy in the club again.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal