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Claudia Jordan Slams NeNe Leakes For Laughing At Her Domestic Violence History And Suggests She Cheated On Husband Gregg Leakes — Claudia Says NeNe Is “Talentless, Illiterate, Narcissist, Bully Who Thinks You’re Far More Important Than You Really Are”

Claudia Jordan clapped back at NeNe Leakes after the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star laughed at a user who made fun of her past domestic abuse. Jordan, who is no stranger to reading someone for filth, didn't hold back and went in on Leakes.

The feud began when The Jasmine Brand shared Leakes' reasons as to why she didn't attend Cynthia Bailey's wedding. Jordan shared her thoughts on the topic while calling out Leakes.

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Former Real #Housewives of Atlanta star #NeneLeakes has been open about her departure from Bravo and the Real Housewives. Recently, #NeneLeakes shared her thoughts about being invited #CynthiaBailey’s wedding and gave some insight on why she didn’t attend. In a video, which was a teaser for a digital show called “The Read Session” based on Instagram, she discussed Cynthia Bailey’s wedding. When asked, Nene shared that she was invited to the wedding but chose not to attend. She also addressed the claim that she demanded $125k to attend (how much she made per Bravo episode). “If I said I turned down an offer that I had on the table which was way more than $125,000 dollars, which is what they said I asked for. So now I’m going to turn that money and ask for $125,000, what for?… I would have taken the real money. That doesn’t make any sense.” Full story on

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“It didn’t benefit any of the guests to come- if we didn’t care about Cynthia and Mike. But when you care about someone it ‘benefits you’ plenty to see them happy and smile and you ‘get’ something outta that,” Claudia wrote in a comment. “I love seeing people happy. Even people I don’t rock with anymore,” she said, according to Reality Blurb. “Let’s not be so busy trying to show how unbothered we are that we make a fool outta ourselves. Bad answer. Just say you couldn’t make it or felt [uncomfortable] going. Too many people making this wedding about THEM.” 

In a second Instagram post shared by The Jasmine Brand, NeNe reacted to a user who poked fun of Claudia's past domestic abuse by sharing several laughing-while-crying emojis, Claudia didn't hold back and went in on Leakes.

“Oh you Laughing at a woman getting “whipped by a man”? Ok I guess since you wanna laugh at MY abuse I now have the green light to laugh at the abuse your surgeon been doing to that face. Once again- you overpaid,” she wrote. “You HATE women & seeing others happy & things not being ABOUT you. Period. Let Cynthia have this moment. As much as I DFWU Id never laugh at you getting hurt by some man. But that’s typical nene. Evil & miserable with a rotten spirit. That’s why you will most likely never work again in television in any real credible way. No one wants to deal with that. Your attitude sucks, you’re a talentless, illiterate, narcissistic bully who thinks you’re far more important than you really are. Your brand is being rude, abrasive & arrogant. You’re a joke, a punchline at best.”

Claudia also slammed Leakes' digital talk show, The Read Session, which she shared clips of it via her Instagram Stories.

“And your Piss poor attempt at a talk show made me feel sorry for you. Like where are your friends to tell you the truth?! The READING ROOM?? More like the UPPER ROOM cause that move just killed any chance of you being taken seriously ever again. Oh how the mighty have fallen OVER EGO. Who fumbles a $2 million easy bag?? Then films in an empty warehouse & calls it a talk show while looking every bit of a non union public access tv project ? If u weren’t so busy sh*tting on ur one talk show friend host & looking down your 5X’s reconstructed monstrosity of a nose- she coulda gave you some tips! The real gag is YOU once told me Hollywood wasn’t checking for ME- well now look who the whole world ain’t checking for- YOU! And I been doing you a FAVOR keeping it real cute & surface with you but you just gave me the green light ms Leakes.”

Claudia also suggested that she and NeNe met in 2009,  and claims that during a time, NeNe was allegedly cheating on her husband, Gregg Leakes.

“Speaking of LEAKS maybe time it’s time I LEAK the back story of how we came to know each other back in 2009 when u needed an assist while you were out bopping behind Greg’s back with a certain football player?? That’s the real reason you came for me so hard on “your” show. You knew I knew & kept your secret,” she wrote. “You thought calling me a “hoe” would make you less of one? Na B. Only ONE of us has ever traded 🐱 for red bottoms- and it ain’t me! And since u thought it was funny to laugh at an abuse victim I wont feel bad about wearing out that wide sloppy butt of yours. You deserve all this karma for all the people you have hurt along the way but now we supposed to feel bad for YOU cause you tricked off YOUR OPPORTUNITY? This fall from grace will not be pretty & you deserve every bit of your destiny. I hope you saved those “coins” you used to brag about. Doubt it.” she stated.

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