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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Slams Gina Kirschenheiter For Accusing Her Husband Sean Burke Of Sending Her A “Creepy” Text Message; Says “It’s Her Weaponizing My Sexuality That Really Got To Me”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke slams Gina Kirschenheiter after she accused her husband Sean Burke of sending her a “creepy” text message during the Wednesday, October 21, episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

“Gina has never liked me from the beginning. You know, she’s always had a perception of me that is based on an idea. She’s never really taken the time to get to know me,” Braunwyn told Us Weekly. “I was saddened that she took something like that text message and made it into something else. We went to the tea party last year and we all went out after and we were drinking too much and she was very intoxicated.” 

“She couldn’t get her own Uber. And so Sean does something nice. He got her, an Uber, got her home, was checking on her and make sure she was safe. And I felt very upset that you took a nice gesture and made it into something else.”

During Wednesday night’s episode of the Bravo hit reality series, Gina shared her text message exchange with Sean to Emily Simpson, where she revealed that he reached out to her after a season 14 party

According to the screenshot shared, Sean wrote, “Hi Gina, just checking in all is OK  Braunwyn is asleep, but I got her to the condo first. Anyway, have a good night, and it was great to spend time with you  Oh this is Sean probably should have started with that.”

However, Gina was implying she or Sean wanted something sexual to happen. “I think because people on the show know that I’m attracted to women, it sort of gives them the sense that they can, I don’t know, weaponize it and make me into a predator,” Braunwyn told Us Weekly. “There’s something about that that doesn’t sit right with me, that when it comes to same-sex relationships, it’s somehow like dirty or inappropriate. And I think more than the text message, it’s her weaponizing my sexuality that really got to me. I was like, ‘Wow, just because I’m attracted to women doesn’t mean that I’m talking to all [women], you know, or that I would do something like that.’ Like that’s not OK, it’s 2020. We can’t just make those broad sweeping, you know, proclamations like that.”

Photo Credit: MJ Photos/Shutterstock; Gregory Pace/Shutterstock; Inset: Courtesy of Sean Burke/Instagram