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Ronnie Negus Shares Emotional Update On Daughter Remy’s Health!

Real Housewives of Vancouver alum Ronnie Negus has taken to Instagram to give a health update on her daughter Remy. “Remy update: After Remy nearly died in 2013 from choking things have not quite been the same.”

“Remys brain lost oxygen for 22 minutes and the paramedics pronounced her clinically deceased when they arrived. They worked on her for two hours before they transferred her to the hospital where she went onto Life support and went into a coma,” Ronnie wrote in an emotional Instagram post.

“Remy survived and is alive and well, although the road has been long and extremely difficult. Remys brain no longer functions the same. With out getting into too much detail because it’s hard to write about, private and would take a novel, Remy continues to make small steps forward, however she can be “extreme violent” with out really knowing what she is doing please remember those words because I do not feel comfortable outlining what she has done to staff and family members including myself ...Remy also suffers from extreme anxiety looping, perseverating on people and things, suicide attemps, runs into traffic etc We bought Remy a home on the ocean on several acres where she can run around be with nature and plant gardens ride her bike and have space.”

Ronnie continued, “We collectively as a family continue to support Remy and provide the best life possible for her. To all of my children who have gone to see & spend time with Remy, dad and I are beyond grateful it has not gone unnoticed. To our extended family & friends who have also been so supportive and involved thank you!! It truly takes a village. ♥️ And to anyone reading this there is a message .... My message is enjoy every moment of your life. Tell the people you love how much they mean to you and do not take life for granted. Things can change on a dime.”

She added, “I know my life looks great on social media does anyone ever really post the crap the bad photos the bad days. ( some yes) but most do not. Remember everyone is generally fighting some kind of battle you know nothing about, the only thing that is constant is life if change,” she wrote. “Be kind, love and more love and never take a single breath for granted. With love, Ronnie.”

If you recall during the first season reunion special, Ronnie revealed that her daughter Remy had choked on a piece of steak and was declared clinically dead. “She was 22 minutes down,” she previously told North Shore News. “It was horrific. She turned solid blue. I went into absolute shock.”

To make matters worse, the family’s housekeeper had a massive heart attack while giving Remy CPR. While both of them survived, Remy’s cognition wasn’t the same after that day, according to the publication.

“Nobody thought that she was going to come off of life support, but she did,” said Negus, who is inspired by her daughter’s resiliency.

Following the unfortunate incident, Negus suffered post-traumatic stress disorder when filming started for the second season of the Slice hit reality series.

“And I thought it would be good for me, and in hindsight it was really the worst thing,” she previously told North Shore News. “I should have taken that time to heal.”

These days Remy lives in a home with caregivers on Salt Spring Island, where she visits “all of the time.”

Photo Credit: Ronnie Negus/Instagram