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NeNe Leakes Continues To Slam Andy Cohen And Wendy Williams For Discussing Her ‘RHOA’ Exit On WWHL!

NeNe Leakes continues to slam Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams. The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum slammed the television hosts in a new YouTube video after they discussed her departure from the Bravo hit reality series during Sunday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

“I am at peace with that decision [but] it has been very hard for me. I have certainly had so many sleepless nights,” Leakes began in a video titled, “Stop using me for click bait!” on Tuesday, September 29, according to Us Weekly. “You guys, I know everybody knows me as a strong woman but also, please know I’m human and I have heard and I have cried and I have had the most sleepless nights. I have thought absolutely crazy some nights. It has been a very, very emotional roller-coaster. It’s not anything that I just woke up one morning and decided to do. I also want to address some of the things that are happening currently, right now.”

Leakes then confirmed that she and Williams are no longer friends after the daytime talk show host’s recent WWHL appearance, during which she declared a spinoff about the Leakes family with NeNe’s husband, Gregg Leakes, would be “boring” for viewers.

“I don’t have a friend that knows what I have been going through lately that would do this kind of thing to me. … I have considered Wendy a close friend or associate. Why she has chosen to speak so negatively of me lately?” NeNe asked. “She does Andy Cohen’s show and here she sits speaking negatively of my exit and bringing my family into the equation. Now that’s what you’re not gonna do. What you’re not going to do is speaking negative of my family. … My family never signed up to be a part of anything doing television. They don’t have to be colorful. I am the person that has to be colorful or need to be colorful, OK? And you tell me what the other Housewives on any franchise is doing with their children that is so entertaining that you actually needed to go so low.”

She continued, “They have forced me out of the franchise, OK? We’ll get to that in another video. So since I have been forced out of the franchise, then leave my name alone,” she claimed. “Let me sit over here and heal in peace. … If you don’t have anything positive to say about me working for your network after 13 years? Stop bringing up my name on your show to help your ratings. Stop it! You didn’t want me here. You’ve been forcing me out for the past four years. … I am still very grateful for everything that’s happened in my life over the 13 years, I don’t regret anything, I have learned a lot of things, there are a lot of things I would probably do differently. But if I were you, you should stop doing that. It’s not right. It is wrong.”

She concluded, “Wendy, for you, spend more of your time trying to figure out how you can drain your enormously large legs and feet, OK? Opposed to worrying about my family and what we are doing. You need to find the nearest water pill. OK? And Andy, remember no one knew you until you knew me.”

Earlier this month, Leakes announced via her YouTube channel that she would not be returning to RHOA for its upcoming 13th season.

“Thank you to all of you guys that have been showing me a lot of love and support as of late. I feel you, I hear you. I have been on an extremely, extremely long, exhausting, tiring, emotional negotiation,” Leakes revealed on Thursday, September 17, according to PEOPLE. “There’s been a lot of emotion flying from both sides. It has been hard, and I have made the very hard and very difficult decision to not be a part of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ Season 13. It wasn’t an easy decision for me. It was hard.”

“It wasn't an easy decision for me,” she continued. “It was hard. I started on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2008. We took off like a rocket. I mean, we took off. You could have never told me that I would start on this little show and it still be going strong 13, 14 years later. And it is. I'm just so happy that I can say that I was a part of a genre that opened up doors for Black ensemble reality shows to step up and be a part of what we all now love so much, reality TV,” Leakes said.

She went on to thank anyone who has ever “looked up” to her, her production company, and Bravo for “all the memories, the laughs, the tears.”

She also addressed a false report of someone on her team releasing a statement on her behalf last week. “I have no knowledge of it, I didn’t approve it.”

“When something is this important and this near and dear to my heart, I always want to be the person to address you.”

She ended her message by saying, “I will see you again real soon,” possibly teasing her return to the small screen.

In a statement to PEOPLE, a Bravo rep said, “We wish Nene all the best in her future endeavors and thank her for sharing her journey for over a decade with the fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She's been instrumental since the start and will truly be missed, and maybe one day she'll hold the peach again.”

NeNe, who is one of the original five cast members, joined the show when she series made its debut in 2008. She appeared on the show seven seasons. In season 8 she left but made several appearances in the second half of the season including the reunion. She took a break during season 9, only to return for season 10-12.

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