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Lydia McLaughlin Reveals The Reason Why Shannon Beador Blocked Her On Instagram And Weighs In On Shannon’s Fallout With Tamra Judge!

Lydia McLaughlin reveals the reason why her former Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Shannon Beador blocked her on Instagram.

“Shannon actually has blocked me on Instagram,” McLaughlin told Us Weekly’s “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast. “The last time I saw her was literally the reunion and we hugged and we looked at each other and just said, ‘Are we good? Yeah, we’re good’ and we hugged.”

She added, “Then she called me the next day because there was stuff going on with her husband [now ex-husband, David Beador] and she thought I knew a bunch of stuff and wouldn’t tell her, and then she blocked me on Instagram.”

McLaughlin also revealed that she was not surprised that Beador is no longer friends with Tamra Judge.

“I’m assuming if she’s still on the show and Tamra’s not, they’re not going to be friends because they’re going to be mad about that,” McLaughlin told Us Weekly. “That’s just my speculation. I just am saying from what I know from experience, but I don’t know anything because we are, I guess, 13, and I’ve been blocked.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal