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Lisa Vanderpump Slams Kathryn Edwards For Saying That She Tried To ‘Produce’ And ‘Control’ Storylines On RHOBH!

Lisa Vanderpump took to Twitter to call out Kathyrn Edwards for accusing her of trying to produce and control storylines during her time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“They aren’t the ones doing podcasts darling about a show 4 years ago, and denigrating me and it. Have a goodnight,” Lisa wrote to her former co-star after seeing that Kathryn told someone who was defending her to “get a life.”

“Didn’t denigrate you, I’m sure you didn’t listen to it. I wish you and Ken nothing but the best. Hope you guys are well,” Kathryn replied.

Lisa went on to mention that she had supported Kathryn and her husband, Donnie Edwards but LVP claimed that they didn’t return the favor.

“Anyway I was very good to you and your husband I drove [seven] hours there and back, presented, and donated a dinner that went for 40k, gave up another evening and hosted the dinner in person, you couldn’t even show up for mine lol,” Lisa shared, according to Reality Blub.

“Lisa, I’m not getting into a ‘Twitter feud’ with you,” Kathryn fired back. “If you ever want to talk about what happened, I’m more than happy to. I’ve always enjoyed you & think well of you but I’m not going to go tit for tat here, it’s not my style.”

To which LVP responded, “Ha, I think it was you who started this nonsense, I’ve never even mentioned you…not my style. Just responding and defending myself from your remarks.”

LVP continued, “You saying, things you know nothing about…I wasn’t asking for things or controlling the show.”

“If I ‘produced’ story lines I wouldn’t have been accused of crap so many times, and yes I heard some of it thanks. Best not to comment publicly on things you know nothing about, I’m a bit put off now, not commenting any further,” Lisa tweeted.

As previously reported, Edwards revealed during the September 9 episode of Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast that Vanderpump tried to produce and control storylines.

“I don’t think that [Vanderpump] wanted to get off of the Housewife show,” Edwards said. “I think that she felt like she had to play her hand and I think she tried to stay on it to some degree with some of the things that I know of.”

“She asked for some specific things that the show wasn’t going to give her to make it better so she can save face,” Edwards continued. “And she walked away. But she, in my opinion, kinda got a little bit too big for the ensemble cast. And she did produce, she did try to control the storylines.”

Edward then recalls a moment when LVP got a text from a producer, asking the cast to spice things up.

“We were filming the scene at Erika’s [Girardi] house and Tom [Girardi] was there,” Edwards recalled. “And it was after I had already told Vanderpump and the rest of the girls like, ‘Hey, you know, Erika was like, warning me about you and I should stay away from you.’ And she said that like you’re a sniper or whatever it was. And so we’re there having this dinner and we were all great. Everyone was getting along.”

“We were actually having a really nice time,” she continued. “And we sit on our phones and you get a little vibration and you can look down and see what the producer or some of the showrunners are saying as far as how things are going.”

“Vanderpump got a text that said, ‘This dinner is really boring, make something happen,'” Edwards said. “So she showed it to me and I thought, okay, well, let’s go then. Let’s make a dinner and get out of here.”

“It’s those kinds of things that go on,” she continued. “But the funny thing is that and in that instance of that dinner, and they didn’t show it in the way they cut it all up. Vanderpump then said, ‘You know, Erika, why did you say those things about me?’ And Erika looks right at me and like starts in on me. And I’m like don’t bring me into this. You’re sitting across the table. Why don’t you two talk about it?”

“And the whole conversation was completely different than the way they ended up showing it,” she told podcast host Yontef. “There was no kicking anyone out of the house. We all hugged. And it was great. But they made that look so different.”

“You know, what’s really funny is one of the guys from the show called me, cause we get the show on Thursdays and then ours aired, I think on Monday or whatever,” she added. “And he’s like, ‘Kathryn, have a glass of wine before you watch it. Don’t worry. Don’t panic. Everything’s gonna be fine. You know, you’re going to get some hate from this. And I just want you to know, it’ll turn around for you.’ It’s like how do you know that? And then I watched it and I thought, God, that’s not at all how it went.'”

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal