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LeeAnne Locken Denies D’Andra Simmons’ Claim That She Was Fired From RHOD And Reveals That Kary Brittingham Wants Her To Return To The Show!

LeeAnne Locken is reacting to her former bestie and co-star D'Andra Simmons' recent claim that she was fired from The Real Housewives of Dallas.

“I chose to leave. I think I made that very clear in my [People magazine] exit. I was asked what I wanted to do and the reality was I couldn’t see a way to go back and be around that group,” LeeAnne said during an appearance on #NoFilter with Zack Peter podcast, according to CELEB.

Locken believes that the dynamic between the remaining women would have never changed if it weren’t for her leaving.

“So [D’Andra] can thank me for that. And every one of her followers,” LeeAnne noted.

Then, Locken slammed Simmons for mentioning her in recent interviews.

“I don’t know why [D’Andra]’s speaking on me. Doesn’t she have a full life?” LeeAnne asked podcast host Zack. “I mean, I certainly don’t speak on her [and] I’m not on their cast! You would think she would focus on moving forward.”

Locken also shared that she and Kary Brittingham are in a better place and revealed that Brittingham wants her to return to the show.

“I will tell you, Kary Brittingham and I have, you know, [sat] down and had drinks and she even expressed that she would’ve — she wanted me to come back so that there could have been this growing moment,” LeeAnne said.

If you recall, Locken came under first last season after she made several controversial comments about Brittingham, which she referred to her as a “chirpy Mexican” during one particular scene, which many fans and co-stars accused her of racism — which Locken denies.

“I think one of the biggest things our country needs right now is healing. You know, we all need to heal. None of us are perfect. And [Kary] had expressed that she would have loved me to come back,” LeeAnne shared.

When asked if she has any regrets about her time on RHOD, Locken said, “Listen, I think if you ask anyone, is there something in their life — after reflecting on it — that they would want to change, I would think that there’s a tremendous amount to change. But that being said, changing our past would change who we are today,” she shared. “And reflection is how we grow. Compassion is what we should offer people to grow. You can have a conversation with compassion and see growth. Or you can have a conversation with accusations and see no change. So, for me, I’ve always been about growth and enlightenment and trying to be better and do better every day.”

Photo Credit: D'Andra Simmons/Instagram; LeeAnne Locken/Instagram; Kary Brittingham/Instagram