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Hanna Kinsella Shares Details About Her Pregnancy!

During a recent Q&A session on Instagram, the Real Housewives of Cheshire star Hanna Kinsella shared details about her pregnancy with her fans.

“The pregnancy is going really well. I’ve actually been really lucky, no sickness, I’ve just been a little bit tired but generally good.”

When asked if she knows her baby’s gender, the luxurious dentist said: “So we went for a scan and she said she could tell what the gender was so, I freaked out ‘Oh God I don’t know if I wan to know’ so she put it in an envelope and the envelope is actually in my drawer and I haven’t looked at it.”

Kinsella also revealed how many months she’s currently in. “I think I’m four and a half months now, yeah.”

After a fan asked her how she is coping with her tiredness, she said: “I am not good. I keep moaning to Martin… I am really tired.”

Then, when a fan asked her the following: “If you have a baby girl will you call her Dawn??”

Hanna simply answered, “Absolutely not.”

Photo Credit: ITV/Monkey Kingdom