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Gizelle Bryant Says Ashley Darby’s Husband Michael Darby “Gets Into More Trouble Than Anyone Else” On RHOP; Says “Michael Gets Into All Kinds Of Nonsense”

Gizelle Bryant teases the drama that Ashley Darby's husband Michael Darby will face in future episodes of the current season of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Bryant believes that Michael and some men from the series like being in the center on the drama of the show.

"I think they want to hold a champagne glass [in the opening credits], I think they want to be Housewives! I really don't understand it," she told the Daily Star. "And we see more of that this season as well."

"Michael gets into more trouble than anyone else," says Bryant.

In the teaser for next week's episode of RHOP, Michael is accused of going to a strip club while his wife and new mother Ashley were at Monique's lake house.

"Michael gets into all kinds of nonsense," she continued. "I don't really know how it was handled between he and Ashley because they have their own personal things, I wasn't there, so I'm curious to see those things just as much as everyone else is."

She added, "Michael Darby at our season finale, he stole the show."

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal; Courtesy via Ashley Darby/Instagram