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Garcelle Beauvais Hints At ‘RHOBH’ Return For Season 11 Following Denise Richards’ Exit! Garcelle Wants To Have A Sitdown With Kyle Richards And Lisa Rinna ‘On Camera’; Says “I Think We Can Move On And Everybody Can Clear The Air”

Garcelle Beauvais hints that she’s returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills despite previously claiming that she would not return if Denise Richards left the series.

“I’m not surprised with the way things went,” she said about  Denise’s exit on SiriusXM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show on Thursday, September 10. “This was a really hard season for her and I think when you’re being constantly talked about, it could affect your marriage, it could affect your kids. I think that’s where she was coming from. It was like, ‘Just back off a little bit. Not every dinner needs to be about this.’ I think she’s just had enough.”

Beauvais revealed that Lisa Rinna warned her about returning for a second season. “Lisa Rinna was like, ‘The second season is usually when things happen.’ And I said, ’Is that a threat?’” she explained. “It concerns me, absolutely. I’m still human.”

Beauvais hopes to have a sitdown with Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna “on camera” to try and clear the air after feuding with the two in season ten.

“I prefer [to sit down and talk things out], honestly, because then I think we can move on and everybody can clear the air, whether it’s good or bad. I, personally, as a grownup, prefer that,” she continued.

She continued, “I think we’re probably going to wait and do it on camera,” she explained.

As to why she decided to unfollow Richards and Rinna on Instagram, “I follow people who I want to see thrive, I want to see what they’re doing, I want to see their journey… and I have to like you,” Garcelle explained.

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal