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Elyse Slaine Calls Out Ramona Singer For Claiming At RHONY Season 12 Reunion That She ‘Betrayed’ Her, Slams Sonja Morgan For Agreeing With Ramona And Releases Text Messages; Says “Sonja Singing A Different Tune Than What She Says To Me”

Elyse Slaine is defending herself against claims made against her during Part 3 of The Real Housewives of New York City season 12 reunion.

If you recall, Ramona Singer claimed that Slaine betrayed her for not being a loyal friend, which Sonja Morgan cosigned with Singer. Slaine took to Twitter to call out Ramonja. 

“More lies by Ramona. If I take a page from “Mean Girls” and released a Burn Book about everything Ramona said about each cast member, especially Sonja and Luann... they would never defend her again. I would include everything she has said about her “50 best friends,”” she tweeted. 

Slaine also called out Morgan for cosigning with Singer and even tweeted texts that Sonja sent her about her issues with Ramona.

Elyse tweeted, “And Sonja singing a different tune than what she says to me.”

Slaine shared a screenshot of a text that Sonja sent her. According to the screenshot, Morgan sent to Slaine the following: 

The first text read, “I went to bat for you Elyse off camera and on. It’s hard to do the show.”

The second text read, “But the way Ramona treated you in that moment was really telling.”

Elyse continued, “Sonja didn’t have my back at the reunion though. Very different than what she says to me in a text,” she replied to a fan who told her to forget Ramona as she’s friends with Leah McSweeney and Lady Morgan. 

Elyse insisted that viewers didn't get to see what went down between her and Singer. 

“Viewers did not get see what triggered the fight between me and Ramona,” she tweeted. “She was vile.”

When the user asked Slaine what she would have different on the show. She wrote, “What I would have done differently… stopped filming.”

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Photo Credit: Ramona Singer/Twitter; Elyse Slaine/Instagram; Sonja Morgan/Twitter