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Dawn Ward Reveals She Has Recovered From Coronavirus!

Dawn Ward has revealed that she's recovered from COVID-19, after falling ill following her recent holiday trip in Europe. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star shared the news on Saturday via Instagram Stories.

"Right, I'm gonna shake this coronavirus off today," Ward said, according to The Daily Mail. "I'm officially allowed out of quarantine. I've done two weeks in bed. I've not eaten, I've not drunk any alcohol for 16 days and I've only lost 4lb.

"Life is just not fair! And I actually think that 2lb of that is my hair extensions!" she joked.

Last weekend Dawn revealed that she had stepped away from filming after she, her husband, and two younger daughters tested positive for coronavirus following a family holiday and have been self-isolating.

After they flew home, she started feeling ill. The family was tested and within 24 hours they received the news they had COVID-19. They have since been self-isolating at home at Warford Hall, Cheshire.

Dawn revealed that she and husband suffered headaches, fever, high temperature, sweats, and stomach cramps, and former footballer Ashley has also had a cough and tight chest.

Charlie also had a temperature and suffered from aches and tiredness and youngest daughter Aston suffered headaches.

Photo Credit: ITV/Monkey