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Cynthia Bailey Insist She Has No Idea What’s Going On With NeNe Leakes Regarding Rumors That She May Not Return To RHOA For Season 13 Due To Contract Negotiations!

Cynthia Bailey insists that she has no idea what's going on with NeNe Leakes regarding rumors that she may not return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta due to contract negotiations drama.

“NeNe and I are where we are now, but for a long time she was a very, very good friend of mine, who I loved very much, who I still have love for,” said Bailey on E! News' podcast, Just the Sip.

“I want her to do what is best for her…She was one of the O.G.s on the show. You know, when you think of Real Housewives of Atlanta, you do think of NeNe.”

Before concluding this topic, Cynthia said NeNe is “great for the show.”

Late last month, Bailey revealed that she has no idea about the status of NeNe’s future on the Bravo hit reality series even though season 13 has started filming.

“I haven’t seen her. I know she’s dealing with some contract stuff,” she told Us Weekly. “That’s not my business. I hope they work all that out.”

Bailey also shared that she and Leakes are “in a cool place” at the moment after years of ups and downs.

“I always will say, whether we’re besties or not, she’s great for the show,” Bailey told the publication. “She’s been around … since the beginning of the show, and she’s good TV, and I hope they work through it. And, you know, Bravo’s always publicly said, ‘She always has a home here.’ They’ve always been supportive of whatever she wanted.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal