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Camille Grammer Continues To Show Her Support For Denise Richards; Slams Kyle Richards And Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave! Plus Camille Calls Out Andy Cohen And Accuses Him Of Being ‘Biased’ During RHOBH Season 10 Reunion; Says “He Has His Favorites”

Camille Grammer took to Twitter to share her thoughts on Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The former cast member showed her support for Denise Richards and called out Andy Cohen, accusing him of being 'biased' during the reunion special.

After a user tweeted, "Why does [Andy Cohen] not take on [Kyle Richards] about her saying that [Brandi Glanville] never lies #RHOBH."

Another user chimed in and tweeted, "Cause andy loves her."

To which Camille replied and wrote, "He has his favorites."

After another user shared their frustration as to why Cohen is unfair and biased with certain cast members, in particular, Kyle, Camille simply tweeted, "He is [biased]."

She continued, "Correct! He would," Grammer replied via Twitter. "He pressed me last year and the first year. "He tossed [Kyle Richards] softballs and threw me grenades."

She was then asked about her  thoughts on RHOBH reunion, to which she simply wrote, "It was awful."

Camille then replied to Reality Tea's article about how "Kyle thinks Camille manipulated Denise into thinking that Kyle is running the show."         

"It sounds like a convenient spin from Kyle on the fact that Denise and I now share experiences arising from our involvement with this group."

Then, another user tweeted, "The worst part was when Andy kept saying that Denise called Brandi a good friend when she only said they were "friendly"."

Camille then agreed with a follower that Andy "for some reason he doesn't stop them from yelling like  other cities."                           

Meanwhile, Grammer slammed Teddi Mellencamp after sharing an article where she allegedly slammed Denise and Grammer's tweets about the show.

Camille clapped back, "Teddi is lucky yo be stuffed safely in Kyles back pocket because if she wasn't she would be crying a different tune. #puppet."

Then, Camille asked her followers the following: "Was the RHOBH reunion entertaining or an abomination?"

Another fan wrote: "a shit show, Andy didnt help by being intentionally obtuse, we all know "friendly" doesnt mean friends and for some reason he doesnt stop them from yelling like other cities, he doesnt control BH and it makes it worse."

Grammer replied with, "That was bad."

Another user wrote, "The worst part was when Andy kept saying that Denise called Brandi a good friend when she only said they were “friendly”. I was screaming at the tv."

Camille agreed, "That wasn't good. Disappointing."

She added, "I felt so bad for Denise. It seems that she was blindsided by her so called “friends” and it was difficult to watch."

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Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal