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Bethenny Frankel Says She And Dorinda Medley “Have Gotten Really Much Closer” After Both Leaving RHONY; Says “It Is Better That We Got Closer Not Being On The Show”

Bethenny Frankel shared an update on her relationship with Dorinda Medley after Medley announced that she was leaving The Real Housewives of New York City after six seasons.

The Skinnygirl mogul revealed that her relationship with Medley strengthened after both leaving the show.

"We have gotten really much closer and it is better that we got closer not being on the show, because it means that it is not because of the show," she told Entertainment Tonight. "And many friends are forged because of the show and then you get off and you are not interested in being friends with those people, so she and I, we are very good at giving advice to each other, life advice. I think she is a great person."

Frankel said she wants to work with Medley professionally again, and noted that it was a blessing in disguise that Medley got fired from the Bravo hit reality series.

"I am working on a project with her. You know, I have a production company and I think she would be great for a certain project and it is amazing," she explained. "I think it is the best thing that ever happened to her that she was let go, because she is sort of blossoming and coming alive. ... She would have left but she did not realize it was time for her to leave, so for this time, it was time for her to leave and she did, and she is really happy and she is feeling herself right now, which is great."

Frankel left RHONY in August 2019 to focus on other projects, including her philanthropy and family after a contract dispute reportedly did not go her way. She was a full-time cast member from the show’s inception in 2008 until its fourth season (2011). She returned to the show in 2015 for Season 7 and left again at the end of Season 11.

Since leaving the show she landed a competition reality show on HBO Max. In February the news was revealed that Frankel scored an eight-episode series, called “The Big Shot With Bethenny” (working title).

In September 2020, Frankel launched her own podcast called Just B, which she teamed with Endeavor Content for Just B, a podcast devoted to being a self-made mogul in business, lifestyle, and beyond. 

Meanwhile, On Tuesday, August 25, Medley announced that she was leaving the RHONY after six seasons via Instagram. "What a journey this has been. I have laughed and cried and tried to Make it Nice...," she wrote via Instagram.

"But all things must come to an end. This was a great outlet for me to heal when my late husband Richard passed away,” she continued. “I have met so many interesting people and learned so much about myself, about life and about women along the way."

She continued, "Thank you to Bravo and NBC for the incredible ride and to my cast mates for constant stimulation and entertainment. I wish you all health, happiness and success. Clip!"

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal