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Vicki Gunvalson Claps Back At Kelly Dodd For Accusing Her Of ‘Faking’ Storylines On RHOC! Vicki Accuses Kelly Of ‘Gold-Digging’ And Tells Her To ‘Show Some Respect’; Says “Without Me She’s Be On The Street With No Salary And No Job”

The drama between Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd continues. After Dodd fired back at the OG of the OC and Tamra Judge after the two amigas dissed the upcoming fifteenth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki has a lot to say about her former co-star.

Gunvalson responded to Dodd's claim that she was “fake” after Vicki claimed that the new season of RHOC will only get 12 episodes and called the cast “fake bitches.”

 “Oh Kelly,” Gunvalson began, “there was no ‘faking’ on my end,” she said in a statement to CELEB.

“My kids being raised? Real. My daughter marrying a marine and moving away? Real. 2 grandsons being born? Real. My Coto Insurance business growing from my home office to multiple locations? Real. My divorce? Real. My relationships? Real. My tears? Real. My friendships? Real. My happiness? Real. Getting the news of my mother’s passing on camera? Real. Being an independent businesswoman not having to depend on a man? Real.”

“What exactly has Kelly done that’s real?” Gunvalson then asked. “The only fake news is Kelly’s ‘water business’ that no one believes she even owns. So let’s hope this season actually is a ‘great, Emmy award-winning’ one as Kelly is toting… because if it’s not, she has nothing to fall back on, as gold-digging certainly is not a career.”

”Kelly can talk a big talk about this season being so great without Tamra and I because she has to try to create buzz and interest,” Gunvalson added, “but I stand by what I said. I’ve heard the season will be shortened and that there’s no drama. And let’s be honest- people watch these shows for the drama. If there’s no drama, there’s no show. No one wants to watch Kelly and boring wind talk about coronavirus,” she told CELEB.

“The Real Housewives is supposed to be an escape (for viewers) from their day-to-day reality,” Gunvalson said. “If this show just becomes them talking about ‘real world’ problems like the pandemic, no one is going to care. And that includes me, the one who began the series and the franchise. Perhaps Kelly should show some respect instead of continuing to gun for me, as without me she’d be on the street with no salary and no job. Good luck with the ‘real show,’ ladies, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Earlier this week, Judge and Gunvalson got together and went on an Instagram Live chat where they threw shade at the Season 15 cast of RHOC. Judge and Vicki Gunvalson threw shade at the upcoming fifteenth season of RHOC via Instagram Live over the weekend.

“There’s no more Tres Amigas,” Tamra told fans, referring to their friendship with Shannon Beador. “In fact, they filmed the season finale two nights ago and oddly enough, we weren’t invited. We just weren’t invited!”

Gunvalson then claimed that season 15 will be the shortest season since season 3, which aired in 2007. “And guess what? The episodes are down to 12 vs. 22,” Vicki quipped. “Maybe there’s no content because they’re all fake bitches!”

Following Judge and Gunvalson's comments, Instagram page, Comments by Bravo, captured and shared Dodd's response to her former co-star's diss.

In the comment section of an Instagram post, Dodd clapped writing, “I love that she works on production now .. lmfao! Move on girlfriend it’s non of her business how many episodes we have ..” “ITS actually up to 15 plus the finale and the reunion .. don’t be jelly sister !! It will be the best season yet.. we filmed during covid ..real reality not fake bullshitlike she did for 10 years..”
She added, “Emmy winning season watch!”

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