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Selling Sunset Star Christine Quinn Weighs In On The Alleged RHOBH Affair Drama Between Brandi Glanville And Denise Richards!

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn has revealed she is "Team Brandi" Glanville and "doesn't believe" Denise Richards as their ongoing feud over the alleged affair continues to play out on the current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Christine admitted that she is "team Brandi all the way."

"I don't believe Denise for two seconds," she told PEOPLE. "The season prior was such an interesting dynamic, because we see Denise being this wild girl, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, talking about hand-jobs, right?"

"Then, she watches herself and season one - similar to what I did - and you go, 'Oh s**t. This isn't the acting I've done before.' I feel like she saw that so she reeled it in, and so season two was just damage control," she continued. "Girls were piling it on, but you have to understand.

She added, "They're forced to talk about that over and over. I hate to say, that's what you signed up for. It's hard. I do have empathy, but it's so hard."

Quinn has been vocal that she would love to join the cast of RHOBH.

"I would love to be a housewife," Christine said on the latest podcast episode of Brandi Glanville Unfiltered. "I feel like I'm too young now and I know Erika [Jayne] and Dorit [Kemsley] are very similar to me so obviously I think that's a conversation that would happen a few years down the line but I would die to be on Housewives."

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