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Scheana Shay Reveals She Plans To ‘Hold Off’ On Getting Pregnant Again After Suffering Miscarriage!

Scheana Shay has revealed that she is taking her time before trying to get pregnant again after her miscarriage. In a Q&A session for her “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay” podcast, the Vanderpump Rules star opened up about when she intends to start the conception process again with boyfriend Brock Davies.

“A lot of people have been asking, like, ‘Oh, are you going to start trying again?’ As much as I’m at the point where my doctor has said I am cleared to, if I want to and my body is ready, I think we’re gonna hold off a bit,” she said on the Friday, July 31 episode, according to Us Weekly. “We’re not in a rush, you know. It wasn’t planned.”

Shay continued, “It was a beautiful miracle and if it worked out, we would’ve been over-f–king joyed. But unfortunately, it didn’t and right now, we’re moving into a new place. I mean, what if we hate the area we’re living in? What if we don’t feel safe? What if you know we do start filming [Vanderpump Rules again] in, like, a month?”

Scheana then said since there’s “so much up in the air right now,” she believes “it’s better to just wait a little bit” until the timing is right. She also pointed out how it would be a “smart decision” to hold off to sort out work-related endeavors, especially since some of her projects “require travel and certain activities” that she couldn’t do if pregnant.

“We’re not trying, we’re just like you know what? If it happens, it happens,” she explained. “But we’re being careful, because I just think getting settled in the new place and figuring out what’s going on with work is our first step.”

In late June, Shay shared on her podcast that she found out that she was pregnant with her and boyfriend Brock Davies’ first child together, his third, before she began spotting.

“The morning [after bleeding], I wake up and I see all over the Internet that Stassi’s pregnant and I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, we’re pregnant together. I wonder how far along she is,’” the “Good as Gold” singer revealed on the Friday, June 26, episode of her podcast. “She announced so early. I’m like, ‘I swear we were all drinking when we filmed the reunion, maybe she had a mocktail? I don’t know.’”

After Shay’s blood work showed low progesterone levels, she scheduled an appointment with her OB and found out that “there was no heartbeat” or growth. Now, Shay is “at home just waiting to naturally miscarry.”

While “everything … has been really messed up lately” within the Vanderpump Rules cast, the “Good as Gold” singer thanked her co-stars Ariana Madix and Brittany Cartwright for being there for her, saying, “Everyone has been really, really supportive.”

Last week, Scheana confirmed that she got a poppy flower tattoo on her inner arm in memory of the baby she lost in her recent miscarriage. She unveiled her new ink in a YouTube video she posted on her channel.

Shay discussed her 21 tattoos and revealed the emotional meaning behind her latest addition. “The last one I got most recently was to symbolize the baby we just lost,” she explained. “[The doctors] said it was the size of a poppy seed, and I really like poppy flowers. And I decided to get one right here to remember. I think it’s probably my favorite one.”

Photo Credit: Bravo