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RHOD Newbie Jennifer Davis Long Reportedly Has Been Demoted To A ‘Friend’ After Her Ex-Husband Refuses To Film — Jennifer Claps Back After Her Brother-In-Law Comments On Alleged Rumors!

New details about the upcoming fifth season of The Real Housewives of Dallas have emerged.

According to Twitter user, ChristianGSnow, he revealed that Jennifer Davis Long, who is rumored to join the series as a full-time cast member, has now been allegedly demoted.

The user reports the following: “Newbie Jennifer Davis Long is divorcing. That part has been confirmed. However, rumor has it, Bravo has demoted to a “friend of.”

“Due to the divorce, her husband no longer wanted to participate in filming. This means less of a storyline, therefore a reduced role.”

“Lots of filming is being done at cast members’ homes (backyards, parties, etc.) because production wants to make it look like they are being “responsible” and not in public.”

“Cast in currently in Austin (again) for cast trip due to inability to travel.”

Adding, “Cary Deuber is posting lots with cast to make it seem like she may be involved in the season but is not filming.”

After a fan page shared the alleged new details about Davis Long's rumored reduced role, her brother-in-law, Patrick chimed in the comment section of the post and revealed the reason why his brother David, who is Jennifer's soon-to-be-ex-husband, refuses to film with her for the show's upcoming fifth season.

The comment was captured and shared by Instagram page, RealHousewives of Dallas. Patrick wrote, “I’d refuse too if she threatened my life and told me I should kill myself just like my sister.”

Jennifer took to the comment section of the post and clapped back at her estranged brother-in-law and responded, “Good thing this conversation is on film,” she wrote. “A cocaine addict trying to lie about why he does cocaine. I did say that doing cocaine is like killing yourself: and he needs to go to rehab. Keep lying Patrick. You come by it honestly!!!!”

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Photo Credit: Instagram