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Rachel Lugo Opens Up About Her Battle With Anxiety!

Rachel Lugo is getting candid about her battle with anxiety. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star took to Instagram to share some words of encouragement to people who are currently battling the mental health disorder while revealing her struggle.

"Anxiety happens when you think you have to figure everything out all at once and you become completely and totally overwhelmed," she wrote. "I’ve had days where getting out of bed, opening the mail or even just replying to messages seem too big a mountain to climb....We find ourselves in situations we never expected to be in but you cannot let these moments define you."

"We need to remember .. just breathe."

"We are stronger than we think, we are braver than we believe, we have got this."

She continued, "Just take it day by day and don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weakness but to discover our strengths."

She added, "As hard as it is some days if you achieve even one thing on your ‘down’ day it will make you feel that little bit better. To all those struggling today ❤️❤️ ... you are amazing..."

Many followers thanked Lugo for her inspirational words.

One user wrote: "This post has really inspired me, I am struggling with really bad anxiety at the moment. I am having to get out of bed each day and put a brave face on for work when inside it is killing me."

"Thank you for those words! That helped me today," said another, according to Manchester Evening News.

In lockdown, Lugo shared that she was finding her daily walks with the children and dogs had helped to ease her anxiety. She previously said her animals have helped her to cope.

"My boy Fil 🥰🥰🥰 Whenever I’m feeling low or anxious I love to spend time with animals. They can sense so much without the need for words," she wrote. "They are loyal, dependable, uncomplicated, loving and always happy to see you. I think I prefer animals to humans 🙈"

She continued, "I’ve never seen a human race round the room with so much excitement just because you are back home 😂😂 Fil was a very frightened unhandled 3 year old when I got him 7 years ago. He would stand at the back of his stable terrified and unsociable. I used to sit in the corner of his stable talking to him, telling him everything and anything...confiding in him. Day by day his confidence with the world grew and now the bond we have is unbreakable. He is the nosiest, cheekiest most lovable horse ever. He spends most of his day jumping in and out of the fields without a care in the world 🙈"

She added, "He knows all my secrets and all my fears. But he’ll never tell ❤️❤️ Now it feels like he’s taken on my role. He bugs the hell out of me when I’m sad, nuzzling me and following me everywhere he can. I love you Fil ❤️❤️ Do your animals cheer you up and help ease your anxiety? 🥰"

Photo Credit: ITV