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NeNe Leakes Continues To Post Cryptic Tweets Amid RHOA Season 13 Contract Negotiations!

NeNe Leakes continued to tweet her cryptic posts on Friday via Twitter amid The Real Housewives of Atlanta contract negotiations drama.

“You can have it all. Just give me my name (Tina Turner),” she tweeted winking at Turner’s divorce from Ike, where she asked to keep her stage name, according to Page Six.

Another tweet read, “you do somebody wrong but want them to be quite about YOUR wrong doings! How does that work.”

In another tweet, Leakes simply added a GIF of a clock, which many fans presumed that it has to do with her RHOA contract.

On Friday, Leakes tweeted about protecting others as she’s left high and dry, but did not mention any names.

“I hav [sic] protected every1 [sic] for years and covered up things I shouldn’t have! I took the beating so others didn’t have too [sic] and no one has protected me or stood up for me. Y’all have gone silent and turned the other cheek. You are NOT exempted from getting this same treatment 1 day,” she wrote.

The last tweet of that day read as: “It’s not about 1 black woman! It’s about supporting black periodt. I’m strong, I’m healthy and i will survive. Love y’all bye!”

Leakes is reportedly on the chopping block or on the verge of having a reduced role.

An insider, who admitted to being puzzled by Leakes’ tweets, said “[her role] is all still very much in the air.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal