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Lauren Simon Shares Health Update On Her Father — Reveals He Is Still Hospitalized And Is ‘Fighting For His Life’ As She Thanks Her Followers For Their Love And Support!

Lauren Simon is sharing an update on her father’s health. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star revealed via an Instagram Story that he is still hospitalized and is fighting for his life as she thanks her followers for their love and support.

“Hi, um, first I want to say thank you to everyone for your gorgeous messages about my father. This is one of the strangest post that I had to do – Um, my father is still in the hospital in Spain fighting for his life and don’t know what the outcome will be, it’s really awful time but I’m home,” she said.

“I’m about to start work and I found it necessary to come on – on Instagram just to say ‘thank you’ everybody because in this time I just found it a bit weird I don’t start posting videos and pictures of me filming and all the gorgeous gifts that [were sent to me], which I really want to recognize – say thank you to people, jewelry, clothes, but I just felt I still had to explain the actual reality of what’s going on in my life.”

She added, “Thank you, everybody, for your gorgeous messages and I’ll keep you updated.”

Late last month, Simon shared an update on her dad. “Alan is fighting! He’s responding well to medication! We’re hoping to get him home in the next week 🙏🏼❤️,” Lauren wrote.

She added, “I just wanted to thank everyone for all your gorgeous messages and support!🌹🌹🌹
Well at least he gets to stay in marbs for the summer!!! 🍍🍍🍍”

The news comes after Lauren Simon shared last month that her parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary while vacationing in Spain. “Gorgeous evening with my fabulous parents! We made it 🙏🏼 we’re celebrating 50 years they have been married at my favourite restaurant Playa Bella !,” Lauren wrote.

Simon added, “Life goals 🦋❤️💋🥰🐘🍍,” Lauren wrote while sharing a selfie with her parents.”

Sadly days later, Simon shared that her father ended up being hospitalized. “My dad collapsed on the beach on Sat,” she shared the news via her Instagram Stories. “The ambulance men saved his life and I'm happy to say he woke up yesterday and spoke in hospital”."

“Dad keep fighting,” she wrote while adding red emoji hearts. “Thanks so much to all my amazing friends I love you all.”

Lauren shared more details about the incident on an Instagram post while sharing a throwback photo of herself with her parents.

“My dad collapsed on the beach on sat in Spain the ambulance men were there so quick and we managed to save his life ! He’s in hospital and woke up yesterday and spoke for the first time !” she wrote. "I am so grateful for all your prayers and my gorgeous friends who have been unbelievable at this very scary time !” She added, “Alan keep fighting ❤️❤️❤️”

We are wishing Lauren's father Alan a speedy recovery.

Photo Credit: ITVBe; Inset: Instagram