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Jackie Gillies Shares IVF Journey As She Has A Procedure Done To Retrieve Her Eggs!

Jackie Gillies is sharing an update about her IVF journey. On Wednesday, August 11, the former Real Housewives of Melbourne star posted a photo of herself on Instagram before getting a procedure done to retrieve her eggs.

The professional psychic also shared an inspirational message to other women who are going through the same procedure or are also having fertility issues.

"This is how pre #eggretrieval looks like #IVF 💪," she captioned the photo. "Ladies, you got this,
for anyone out there going through IVF! 🥰."

She added, "From my heart to yours, I’m sending you all positive thoughts, prayers and shine 💫"

In February, Gillies announced her departure from RHOMelbourne after four seasons. Speaking to Stellar, Jackie revealed that she quit the Foxtel hit reality series to focus on starting a family with her husband Ben.

Gillies told the publication that she was confident in her decision to walk away from the show and to grow their family in their hometown of Newcastle in NSW. During that time, she revealed that she was on her fourth round of IVF and that she kept her treatments under wraps because she felt she'd be judged.

"Keeping it hidden meant I also wasn't being honest to who I am. And since I've started telling people, everyone has been so supportive,' the ever-positive personality said," she told Stellar.

Gillies also said that her time in the South African jungle on Channel 10's I'm A Celebrity back in 2018 helped her realize she wanted to be a mother. She added that while her physic abilities do not show her everything that will happen in life, she knew motherhood was for her.

"Do I know I'm definitely going to have children? From the depths of my heart, yes. But what I haven't been prepared for is the way it was going to come."

Jackie's husband Ben Gillies told the publication he was surprised at how IVF works, calling it an assistance to the natural process. Jackie said they have other options - surrogacy or adoption - if she is unable to carry her child.

Gillies explained that she is speaking up about her IVF journey to help other women not feel burdened by it.

"The biggest thing I've learnt... is to never hide things. When you talk, it's like you become lighter. And please don't feel like you're not good enough. Because you are enough. It's OK. It's not your fault," she said at that time.

Photo Credit: Foxtel