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Former RHONY Star Kristen Taekman Moves From NYC To Los Angeles!

Former Real Housewives of New York City star Kristen Taekman has revealed that she has moved from New York City to Southern California.

“We rented a house for a year in L.A. I’ve got family out here, my husband’s family is out here and my son was born here, so I lived here for, like, six, seven years,” she told Derek Zagami on RealiTea With Derek Z.

"We rented a house for a year in L.A., so you're the first to know." She continued, "I've got family out here, and my husband's family's out here, and my son was born here. So I lived here for like, six, seven years."

"We started in New York, moved out to LA for six years, had my son, and then moved back to New York," the mom of two explained. And now, it's L.A.'s turn to host the family again.

"We come out to L.A. every summer, for at least a month, six weeks," Kristen said. "And this summer, we were like: you know what? Let's just stay. If we're gonna homeschool indefinitely I'd rather homeschool with good weather, no winter — I literally just took a dip in the pool 10 minutes before I got on [this] Zoom call."

She added, "I'm gonna give myself a year, and see what happens, and, you know, New York's always gonna be there." And though Kristen copped to missing her East Coast home, she said, "I think the New York I miss is not really the New York that's there right now. I think New York City, I think she needs a minute. And I gotta tell you: I've been there through thick and thin with that lady of a city, and I also need a minute ... What's wrong with a little sunshine for a second?"

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal