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Dr. Wendy Osefo Is “Excited To Break Down Some” Of The “Stereotypes That People Have About Professors” And Says RHOP Season 5 Has Been An “Interesting” And “Enjoyable” Experience!

Dr. Wendy Osefo is opening up about joining The Real Housewives of Potomac. “The first season was interesting because it was something I’ve never done before, it was entering a whole new realm,” she told Heavy.

“I was a little bit anxious, but then once I got into it, I said to myself, this is just like cameras following you in your real life. It was an interesting experience, it was something that, again, I had never done it, but I enjoyed it.”

While Osefo is no stranger to television, due to her work as a political commentator on channels like CNN and MSNBC, she said that watching herself as a Real Housewife has been a very different experience.

“It’s very different to watch yourself because you don’t know what was said when you weren’t in the room,” Osefo said. “You don’t know what was said in a confessional, and you don’t know how everything will be pieced together, so it’s always interesting because all you know is what happens in your own life and when you all get together. It’s really enjoyable watching everyone else’s personal stories, and what’s going on in their personal lives.”

While she enjoys doing the show, she reveals that she was hesitant about it at first. “At first I did not want to do it, because it was so different from what I normally do,” Osefo said Heavy. “So, I talked to my loved ones about it, and they all gave me the thumbs up and were like ‘sure, why wouldn’t you do it?’ I’m also that person who believes in no regrets. I’m an adventurer at heart, you only live once, so I said YOLO, I’m only going to live once, when I’m 90, I don’t want to look back and say what if? I don’t like what-ifs.”

“I feel like my kids are so chill and so cool, so they have been watching me since they can remember on TV,” Osefo explained. “I would have to go on TV to do my segments, so they would say ‘Mommy’s on TV.’ So now, they’re finally like, oh, it’s our turn to be on TV. They don’t really realize what it is, but for them being on TV is just what mommy does. So they’re enjoying it.”

She continued, “And my husband, he’s just super cool, he’s the coolest guy,” Osefo said. “He’s enjoying it, he’s got some feedback, the ladies are loving him, and it’s so funny because people are like ‘oh my God, he’s so handsome,’ and he just smiles about it. He’s funny.”

Osefo admits that she is excited to use her platform on the show as a new way to reach a different demographic.

“I can tell the Bravoverse to vote, and that’s a whole different demographic,” Osefo told Heavy. “I think adding this reality TV segment to my own life, it gives me a larger platform to inform people of social issues…letting people know that their voice is powerful, and doing things like that, I’m really excited about that.”

“I think at the end of the day I just want people to know that even though I have my professional side, you guys are going to get to know my personal side,” Osefo added. “Whether you’re a professor or political commentator, you still go home and you still have a family. What does that look like? Even if you’re a professor, you still go out and have drinks with your friends, what does that look like? I think that so many times people have this image of what professors are like, or what commentators are like, and the truth of the matter is we’re human, just like everyone else. I’m excited to break down some of those stereotypes that people have.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal