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Cindy Barshop Expanding Her Vaginal Rejuvenation Spa To The Hamptons!

It appears that Cindy Barshop is expanding her vaginal rejuvenation spa, VSpot, as the Real Housewives of New York City alum is bringing her ladies spa, VSpot, to the Hamptons.

“I was going to open another spot downtown in Tribeca, and I changed that plan to the Hamptons due to COVID,” she told Page Six as many of her clients have apparently fled east.

Barshop said her business — which includes treatments like the “Kegel Throne,” the Vajacial and something called V-Tightening that promises to “boost sexual pleasure” — has doubled.

“Women are saying I am important, my sexual health is important,” she shared. Bashop added that The Water Mill location will utilize COVID safety measures.

In 2015, Barshop opened  VSPOT on the Upper  East Side. The spa uses a new FDA-approved fractional CO2 laser, dubbed the “FemiLift,” to increase circulation and lubrication while tightening the area, all of which can improve a woman’s sex drive, according to Barshop

“The rejuvenation enhances pleasure and stimulates desire,” Barshop told The New York Post.

“By offering solutions to common problems like incontinence, dryness and looseness, VSPOT offers something else: confidence,” claims the spa’s website. “When sex feels good and satisfying, there’s a natural side effect: You’ll desire sex again.”

Barshop claimed at that time that the process is pain free and compares it to an OB-GYN appointment.

Photo Credit: Bravo