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Christine McGuinness Reportedly Turned Down RHOCheshire’s Full-Time Cast Member Offer As She Teases About ‘Exiting’ New TV Projects!

Earlier this week, Christine McGuinness confirmed her departure from The Real Housewives of Cheshire. The wife of TV host, Paddy McGuinness, turned down ITVBe's offer to return to the series as a full-time cast member, according to The Sun.

If you recall, Christine joined the series in 2018 during the show's seventh season. She has since appeared as a "guest" until last season.

The mother-of-three shared that she has an "exciting" TV opportunity coming up in the next few weeks. While she will not appear in the new season of RHOCheshire, Christine said that she's "not going anywhere' and fans 'you will be seeing more" of her.

Christine revealed the news while she was speaking in an Instagram Livechat with TOWIE's Bobby Norris, according to The Daily Mail.

"Now after lockdown I've had so much time to reflect and I have got other opportunities, really exciting opportunities but I can't give you that exclusive."

"I've got to make time for other things and with any time that I've got I need to spend it with the family and children. I'm still going to be about. You're probably going to see more of me and it's all really exciting. "

"I'm sort of pinching myself I can't believe my luck, but I'm also quite sad that I'm not going to be filming with the Housewives who start filming now in the next few weeks but yeah I'm not going back this series, but I'm moving on."

"I'm doing other things and I'm really really busy and I feel as much as I'll miss being around all the girls I feel quite content with my decision of not trying to do that as well as something else and then barely being at home."

Christine revealed the production of RHOCheshire has told her she is welcome back anytime.

"The whole team have been amazing. They've been really really supportive and they've told me the door is always open," she said. "They'd love me to come back any time which is brilliant. They've been absolutely amazing, fully supportive. I love the girls. I'm in a really fortunate position with all the housewives."

"I get on with them all which is quite rare. I live in Cheshire so I'm going to see them all the time. I see Tanya almost every day."

As for her future projects, she teased that she said "yes" to an "exciting" offer.

"I just learned massively that you've got to say yes to opportunities and I have had massive opportunities, huge opportunities for the last ten years. My old agent, she used to go mad at me because I'd say no to everything."

She continued, "A job would come in that most people would jump and I would go oh I'm not sure, I don't know if I can do that. I'd doubt myself constantly. What if people don't like me?"

She added, "Throughout my whole twenties I worried and now I've just gone do you know what life is for loving. You've got this one life. It's an exciting scary time. Everything's different and new but I'm excited."

Photo Credit: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock